5 Bad Study Habits You Should Resolve By Cal Newport

I just read Cal Newport’s study tips hacks about the 5 bad study habits that college students should resolve to avoid in 2008. Knowing that Cal Newport is a prominent college expert and the one who authored the books How to Become a Straight-A Student (Broadway Books, 2006) and How to Win at College (Broadway Books, 2005), every student who is serious to jump start their studies or revive their grades this year should follow Newport’s suggestions.

Cal Newport is definitely right in saying that students commit several common mistakes which lead to more painful and time-wasting studying. And for me, bad study habits are just as bad as not studying anymore because we still perform poor in our academics even we spent time reading and reviewing our lessons.

So the 5 bad study habits that students should avoid are studying without a plan, skipping classes, using rote review, studying after midnight and not taking notes on your reading. These are self-explanatory but Newport did a great explanation about the said bad study habits and I insist you to read them completely here.

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