Have you been listening with podcasts lately? Podcasts is just like an audio show or programming that you can listen anytime and anywhere you want. You can listen to podcasts on your computer or have it downloaded on your portable media player. Listening to podcast is just like listening to FM radio.

And if you are looking for ways to learn something new each day even without reading books or news paper, there is one place called the Education Podcast Network that gathers all the informative, or should I say educational podcasts that benefits students and people who are looking for shows that encourage learning.

Listening to these podcasts can truly help you intellectually. You can browse the audios or podcasts that suits your interest and listen to it while you are waiting for your next class, riding in a train or bus or working out in a gym. Instead of listening to same old music again and again, why not try any of these podcasts to learn or discover something new?  You can even learn a new language by just listening to podcast shows about language.