Avoid Missing Classes To Strengthen Your Class Standing

This is so true even in college and of course, especially if you are already working. Absences will make your class standing at stake. No professors or instructors can take an absentee student because it only means that the student is lazy in his or her studies and does not respect the instructor.

This is the reason why students have only few allowed absences and tardiness. Going beyond the limit will automatically give you a “drop”, failed or incomplete grade unless you are super close to your professor or you have a valid and legitimate reason and the professor considered it.

On the other hand a perfect attendance will give students a favor at the end of the term especially if they are below-average students. Did you know that many professors consider giving students a passing mark if they know that the students do not have any absences, tardiness and are complete in all activities and projects?

Professors are like employers in some ways, even if the students are not that good but they saw that you are doing your part to learn and you exert effort to learn, they will pass them because they can see the students’ sincerity. And professors are really considerate in these cases because some of them are parents too. They knew the how hard it is for most parents to raise the cost of education of their children and failing marks means waste of money. So professors usually give extra projects or additional make-up exams to justify that these students really deserve to pass his or her course.

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