Looking for a free but comprehensive online English dictionary that is also a language dictionary for German, French, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and other languages? Well, I guess you will be happy to know that there is one that offers all of these languages: the Babylon Dictionaries.

Babylon Dictionaries provides look-up terms, expressions and phrases in specific field of interest such as Computers and Internet, Law, Medicine, Arts, Business, Finance, Government, Science and Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Idioms, Slang and many more. It also offers other dictionaries and glossaries by well-known publishers and organizations like the European Commission Glossary of Justice and home affairs and the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms.

So if you need to obtain the meaning, interpretations, definitions and translations of simple or difficult terms, check out the free resources at Babylon Dictionaries. They have more than 1400 dictionaries which is available in over than 75 languages.

You can also download the Babylon’s Dictionary & Translation Software for free! Just click here and you download it freely to enjoy translations and dictionary services directly from your favorite desktop applications, Word, or Outlook.