Brain Food and Junk Food

We often hear the saying “what you eat is what you get” and the term “brain food” and “junk food” but do these things or the food we eat really affect our capacity to learn? Well, I can say yes because although foods are all equal in terms of being edible, not all food is equally beneficial to our health, particularly to our brain.

Brain foods are often those foods that are known to as brain booster or those meals that greatly benefits our brain function. Brain food of course is just simple food which can be found in a regular supermarket and can be prepared in any kitchen. It is not fancy nor need special techniques to produce.

Junk foods on the other hand are those food items that are devoid of nutritional values, these are the food that are usually tempting to eat because of their luscious taste and convenience but contains high calories, sodium or unhealthy fats.

Brain foods became popular over the past decades because of its significant benefits to people especially to those who are studying and greatly involved in mental activities. And to my next posts, I will cover popular and affordable brain foods for students like you.

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