Brain Supplements And Relaxation

Students, especially those who are reviewing for their licensure exams are the ones who are hooked in taking brain supplements. Many of them tried supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, Omega 3 and the likes to improve their memory and retention capacity.

These supplements were said to be scientifically proven and have been under studies from the past decades and up until now. But bear in mind that these supplements do not work overnight. And so, I think it is useless when students take any one of these supplements a week or several days before their exams.

Students who want to harvest or should I say “feel” the effects of brain supplements should take them regularly. And also, remember that keeping your mind active and relaxing in-between study sessions is the best way to learn. Always feed your mind with useful and relevant information but do not forget to relax your mind because this allows your mind to be more efficient.

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