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Grape Juice Can Improve Your Memory

According to a research by James Joseph, grape juice can indeed improve our short-term memory and motor skills significantly. This is because grape juice is effective in increasing the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine in our brain. Aside from the well-known fact that grapes are tasty and easy to eat, grape juice can really improve … Continue Reading


Is Caffeine A Good Studying Companion?

The answer may be yes or may be no because although both coffee and tea have several scientific studies claiming that these drinks are good to our brain, the effects of caffeine are really dependent on the person as there are people who are simply not a caffeine tolerant and there are those who feel … Continue Reading


Sage and Curry For Brain?

Students are always on the look for brain boosters, the stuffs that can help them improve their memory or make them alert and smart. But if you have been reading this blog for a while, you will notice that most brain boosters that were featured here are just food items that can be found in … Continue Reading


Forgetful Students Should Drink More Water


Are you a forgetful student? Do you often experience migraine and headaches? How about that sluggish feeling? If your answer is yes, then perhaps you just need to increase your water intake to revive your brain function. It is known that 85% of our brain tissue is water. Hence, water is a vital component for … Continue Reading

Healthier Brain With Fruits And Veggies


Fruits and vegetables are not only necessary to regulate our body function because according to scientific studies, these less preferred food (especially by younger generation) are likewise beneficial to our brain. Fruits and vegetables are now also known as brain food because most of these food contain anti-oxidants that help protect tour brain tissues from … Continue Reading

Chocolate For Improved Concentration


Did you know that eating or drinking chocolates especially dark chocolates have some good benefits on your brain? This is the result of the studies that was conducted by Professor Ian Macdonald of University of Nottingham. According to the research, regular consumption of cocoa drink can improve blood flow to key areas of the brain … Continue Reading

Berries For Your Brain


Eating fruits is not only beneficial to regulate the functions of our body because these fruits also do wonders for our brain. Did you know that eating fruits such as berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, elderberries and blackberries) have some brain benefits? Strawberries are known to be rich in flavenoid called fisetin that can improve our … Continue Reading

Be Smarter By Taking Fish Oil Supplement


I have mentioned the benefits of taking Omega 3 to boost your brain function and to have a healthier heart function and lower the cholesterol levels in the body. This same ingredient can also be found in fish oil supplement. My doctor asked me to take fish oil after being sick for around one and … Continue Reading

Brain Supplements And Relaxation


Students, especially those who are reviewing for their licensure exams are the ones who are hooked in taking brain supplements. Many of them tried supplements like Ginkgo Biloba, Omega 3 and the likes to improve their memory and retention capacity. These supplements were said to be scientifically proven and have been under studies from the … Continue Reading

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Omega 3 Is Good For Your Brain


Omega 3 oil is an essential fatty acid that is now being used as a brain booster by many individual aside from the fact that it is a popular supplement to maintain a health heart. Omega 3 oil is derived from fish, walnuts and flaxseed. Some researches say that Omega 3 is good for our … Continue Reading