Class Participation


Studying in Malta? Benefits of choosing Malta

Malta. Is it as good as England, Australia or New Zealand in English language teaching? As a teacher from England I have had first-hand experience with English language teaching in England. It is difficult to compare the beautiful weather, varied cuisine and relaxed atmosphere to England. England is great for some things but trust me, … Continue Reading


Avoid Missing Classes To Strengthen Your Class Standing

This is so true even in college and of course, especially if you are already working. Absences will make your class standing at stake. No professors or instructors can take an absentee student because it only means that the student is lazy in his or her studies and does not respect the instructor. This is … Continue Reading


The Importance Of Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning adhere in the concept of more heads are better than one which is best seen in the group studying. But students can engage in cooperative learning even without forming a formal study group. Cooperative learning can be achieved even the grouping is just temporary and occur only during class hours. Remember the times … Continue Reading


How Do Teachers Assess Your Participation


Teachers assess your class participation in many ways: the correctness of your answer; the manner how you deliver your answer; the relevance of your questions and your general attitude during class discussion. Teachers have guidelines and score guide to help them assess and grade your participation properly. I have cross upon a good guideline about … Continue Reading

Few Things About Active Class Participation


Studying is not just attending class everyday, listening, doing your homework and doing well during exams. Students are also required and are encourage to actively participate during class discussion. Lectures are not lively and are often vague if no discussion was made after them. And of course, you can not get very good grades if … Continue Reading