College Studying


How To Make Most Out Of Your Group Work

Aside from self-reliance, our school also wants to integrate the value of cooperation and teamwork among its students; hence, group projects are part of every course’s curriculum. There are very seldom courses or programs that do not require group projects; in fact even online degree studying involves some sort of group project or discussion. However, … Continue Reading


The Past Exam Papers Technique

I read one easy technique to get high score in exams: using the Past Exam Papers Technique wherein instead of reviewing textbooks, students will use their past exam papers as their review materials. According to this site, this is not cheating  because you will just collect or save previous test papers so you can get … Continue Reading


Is Caffeine A Good Studying Companion?

The answer may be yes or may be no because although both coffee and tea have several scientific studies claiming that these drinks are good to our brain, the effects of caffeine are really dependent on the person as there are people who are simply not a caffeine tolerant and there are those who feel … Continue Reading


College Studying Tips From A 23 Year Old College Graduate


I stumbled upon this press release from PRWEB about the 3-minute secret of a guy who overcame his mental obstacles and successfully graduated in college. I also checked out his website but I didn’t bother to explore more because the site seems to be affiliate website or perhaps selling ebook about college studying. Anyway, I … Continue Reading

Budget Calculator for Students


I found two online budget calculators that are specially designed for students who want to set their budgets: CIBC Student Budget Calculator which you can use to plan your expenses for the entire semester and revise it as your situation changes. Federal Student Aid Budget Calculator which will help you determine your expenses and estimate … Continue Reading

Budgeting For Students


Budgeting or allocating cash is not just for parents or employed people. Students should also know how to allocate their money wisely because this can be a good foundation toward a more stable financial situation in their later lives. The need to budget is often encountered once we entered the university. We are now compelled … Continue Reading

Stick To You Schedule


Many students fail to develop a good study habit because of the very simple reason: they fail to stick to their schedule. The best way to combat those distractions is to be loyal to your schedule for that time. Refrain from creating excuses and you will see that you can manage your time better. Self-discipline … Continue Reading

The Importance Of Long Term And Short Term Study Planning


Both long term and short term or daily study planning are important to make your planning efficient and realistic. Long term planning will help you see the overview of what you need to accomplish within a month. On the other hand, a daily study schedule will help you become more organize and efficient in your … Continue Reading

Great Resource For Studying Humanities


Humanities is one of my favorite courses in college because it offers interesting topics about culture, language and literature. However, some students find it boring probably because it is similar to the study of History wherein we are bombarded with stuffs that we need to memorize. But as we move from college to build our … Continue Reading

5 Bad Study Habits You Should Resolve By Cal Newport


I just read Cal Newport’s study tips hacks about the 5 bad study habits that college students should resolve to avoid in 2008. Knowing that Cal Newport is a prominent college expert and the one who authored the books How to Become a Straight-A Student (Broadway Books, 2006) and How to Win at College (Broadway … Continue Reading