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StudyUp – take your study notes online!

Have you heard of Neither had we until this past week. It turns out this cool new study tool allows you to store your study notes online. The site operates a lot like Facebook by allowing you to find school buddies and network with people taking similar classes. Even better, there are no fees just like Facebook; so none of this “Upgrade to a Gold Account” mumbo jumbo. Signing up to StudyUp is about as easy as it gets; just 3 basic fields and you are off to the races!

The add notes feature is super easy to use, allowing you to type your notes directly in for practice leading up to tests and exams, or cut and paste from existing note pages you may already have in electronic format. What happens next is the really interesting part.

As you add more notes to the system, StudyUp begins to find correlations between your pages of notes, and begins building a neat Wikipedia style database of your notes, automatically building hyperlinks within the body of your notes linking to other relevant pages. You can also easily search your notes by subject, course, school year, professor and more.

You can follow your study buddies as they add new notes using the StudyUp Home Base. Another neat feature is the ability to share only certain subjects or school years with certain people. So your math buddy does not get to see your science notes if you choose to set it up that way.

There is also a study tips section for helpful hints posted by other students and teachers that are members. What StudyUp really does is keep a free online history of all the courses & classes you have ever taken. Never again worry about digging up last year’s notes to help you solve a current problem. StudyUp keeps it all organized and online for free. Access your notes from anywhere from any device. We give these guys 2 thumbs up!

The Past Exam Papers Technique

I read one easy technique to get high score in exams: using the Past Exam Papers Technique wherein instead of reviewing textbooks, students will use their past exam papers as their review materials. According to this site, this is not cheating  because you will just collect or save previous test papers so you can get a pretty good idea of what will come up.

Well, this technique can really cut the time you need to review your notes and entire textbooks because what you have is the set of questions that will likely to be included in your upcoming exams. And I think this is even more effective if you knew someone who is in the higher batch of the same degree that you are taking up.

The only disadvantage that I can see in the Past Exam Papers Technique is that you need to be more resourceful because collecting previous test papers is not that easy especially if you want to use those that are used by the upper batch. You need to be have contacts if you want to use this technique. To read more about the Past Exam Papers Technique, please proceed here.

Easy Way To Review And Prepare For Exam

Based on my experience, the easiest way for me to prepare for my upcoming examinations is to review by conducting a test-like questionnaire or a review material that has a question and answer format. This is faster and allows me to cover all the topics that are included in the exam. For me, this is significantly effective than merely reading through my notes and my textbooks.

And then, just now, I happen to see Easy Test Maker! This is a free online test generator that allows you to create your own tests. You can create matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true or false and identification, or even combination of multiple choice and true or false test questionnaires.

And if you upgrade to its paid version, you can automatically generates alternate versions entirely randomized and master answer sheets all in one click. Plus, all your tests are properly stored for easy retrieval. You can also modify your previously created tests and print out extra copies.  But whether your membership is free or not, you can create unlimited number of tests! This is one great tool for both students and teachers. Check this out!

Cramming For Your Next Day Exam? Don’t Take Too Much Caffeine!

Most students cram for their next day exam especially if it is their final examinations. This is so natural as many of us tend only to study hard if the exam is already fast approaching. But one way to reduce cramming is to listen in each lesson that you have in your day to day classes and read a bit about it at the end of each day. Doing this technique is effective because it helps your brain to absorb the information one by one.

Cramming is not actually a good habit because studying big chunk of info in a short span of time and pushing your brain to recall all of it is a hard work and gives you nothing but stress. Cramming also means that you will deprive yourself of a good night sleep which is necessary to give you enough energy and alertness the following day.

But if you read this just now and your exams is just few days away, it is recommended to stay away from taking too much caffeine and other stimulant drugs. A cup of coffee or tea is already good enough to bust your sluggishness. Excessive caffeine may just give you trouble absorbing the information that you need to digest and most of all, it can make you jumpy and difficult to fall sleep.

For more tips on cramming for your exam, check this out and I am sure that you will learn a lot from it.

Survey Revealed That Online Study Tool Is In

A report revealed that the use of online study tools is in among college students.  And one of the most popular type of online study tools that are highly popular among students is the online quizzing.

Well, online quizzing tool which are frequently in the form of flashcards are indeed very effective tools to prepare for exams because students can create their own questions, phrases and sample quizzes to anticipate the actual test questions.

By using this online study tools, reviewing is never this easy because everything is almost automated. There is no need to spend time writing reviewers because through online quizzing, students can practice and review as frequent as they want even without a study buddy to help them.

I have posted several helpful free online study tools  that are applicable for both college and high school students. So check them out and see what system is suitable for you.

Studying Just A Day Before The Exam Is Bad

This is so true especially if you force your mind to absorb all the things that you need to review for your tomorrow’s exam. Why? Because a person typically forgets as much as 80% of what he or she learned within 24 hours and according to a research, memory retention is enhanced by sleep. And now it is clear why all experts are encouraging students to relax and sleep early the night before their exam instead of having one final round of night-review.

Aside from depriving yourself in getting adequate sleep when you study just a day or a night prior to your exam, you are also wasting your time as there is no guarantee that you can retain what you squeezed into your mind.  You are doing no good for your body and your mind when you force your mind to absorb the whole book or your entire one month lecture in just one sitting.

So stick to the good-old formula of studying: establish a regular study habit whether or not you have homework or exam the following day. Studying this way is not only easier and shorter (2-3 hours daily) but also let you master and retain all the necessary information on a particular subject.

Do You Know How To Be A Master Test Taker?

The phrase “master test taker” caught my attention when I read this article. It’s my first time to hear such phrase and perhaps those are the people who do not get nervous when taking examinations. And probably being confident and being optimistic is the key to be a master test taker.

Of course one will never be confident if he or she did not prepare for exam. The write-up raises practical approach on test preparation and strategies to do during the actual examination. Some of the pointers mentioned that I really knew to be helpful is to arrive on time (if possible earlier). Coming up late is big no because your instructors will never ever adjust the time just to let you finish the test.

Coming up early will likewise allow you to choose your seat. Having a good and convenient seat allows you to concentrate on the exam. I remember that I prefer to choose a seat near the wall or corner because I do not want to have seatmates on both sides and I really avoid sitting on the center.

During exams, it is indeed important to read the instructions carefully and to follow them. A master test taker read instructions. I have a college classmate who failed in a major qualifying exam because he answered the test by just writing the letters and not the corresponding words which are being asked in the direction.

If the directions said that write big letters, follow it. Never answer by writing the small letters. Remember that some instructors used some tricks to test if the student really follows the direction. So, look for the fine prints.

And lastly, you need to be confident; but not too confident when taking exams. A master test taker never hurries. When you finish early, don’t grab it in by submitting your paper at once. Review your answers because sometimes we may overlook some of the questions. So to be safe, go through your paper again.

Practical Tips Before Taking Examination

The first and foremost tip to do before taking an examination is to have a good night sleep a night before the actual day of your test. And avoid waking up late so that you will have a time to take a shower and to eat a breakfast. Your breakfast choice should not be heavy because you do not want to be disturbed by “call of nature” during your test.

I recommend eating the usual breakfast that you are used to eat or something like oatmeal and a banana or a sandwich and a cup of your usual morning beverage. Of course, after your normal morning routines, you should now check the things that you need to bring on your exam like extra pen, paper and calculator (if allowed).

And unless you have several extra hours to spend reading before the exam schedule, refrain from bringing books and other reading materials. Instead, take time to relax so that you can be more productive during the actual exam.

Free Online Memorizable Tables

If you love studying using customizable or online flash cards, then you may also want to try Memorizable. This is an efficient online tool which works just like flashcards that can help you prepare and review for your exam.

With Memorizable, you can add, edit or create and save an entirely new table to memorize anything that you need to retain on your mind whether words and definitions, music notation, flags of various countries or even graphics. Using this customizable table will surely help you ace your exams.

The free online site has already a large database of memorizable tables. So whether you are studying for an exam or just want to practice and learn some subjects, you can browse the categories that list all available memorizable topics that you can use or edit.

And you can do all of these cool stuffs without the need for registration or logging in. Just go to the site and you can start right away! Cool, isn’t?

Test Prep By SparkNotes

SparkNotes has a really great section that is devoted in SAT and ACT tests. And you know what? All the resources you will find from their site are absolutely free! All you need to do is register to enjoy all the privileges.

The site is giving away free sample tests that allow students to practice and assess their skills. The length of the test may not be as long as the actual ACT or SAT tests but these are good enough to have an idea about taking the exam. Just explore the site and I am sure that you will learn a lot from it. And guess what, the site also has a forum where students can mingle and discuss anything and everything about taking up these tests.