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StudyUp – take your study notes online!

Have you heard of StudyUp.com? Neither had we until this past week. It turns out this cool new study tool allows you to store your study notes online. The site operates a lot like Facebook by allowing you to find school buddies and network with people taking similar classes. Even better, there are no fees … Continue Reading


The Past Exam Papers Technique

I read one easy technique to get high score in exams: using the Past Exam Papers Technique wherein instead of reviewing textbooks, students will use their past exam papers as their review materials. According to this site, this is not cheating  because you will just collect or save previous test papers so you can get … Continue Reading


Easy Way To Review And Prepare For Exam

Based on my experience, the easiest way for me to prepare for my upcoming examinations is to review by conducting a test-like questionnaire or a review material that has a question and answer format. This is faster and allows me to cover all the topics that are included in the exam. For me, this is … Continue Reading


Cramming For Your Next Day Exam? Don’t Take Too Much Caffeine!


Most students cram for their next day exam especially if it is their final examinations. This is so natural as many of us tend only to study hard if the exam is already fast approaching. But one way to reduce cramming is to listen in each lesson that you have in your day to day … Continue Reading

Survey Revealed That Online Study Tool Is In


A report revealed that the use of online study tools is in among college students.  And one of the most popular type of online study tools that are highly popular among students is the online quizzing. Well, online quizzing tool which are frequently in the form of flashcards are indeed very effective tools to prepare … Continue Reading

Studying Just A Day Before The Exam Is Bad


This is so true especially if you force your mind to absorb all the things that you need to review for your tomorrow’s exam. Why? Because a person typically forgets as much as 80% of what he or she learned within 24 hours and according to a research, memory retention is enhanced by sleep. And … Continue Reading

Do You Know How To Be A Master Test Taker?


The phrase “master test taker” caught my attention when I read this article. It’s my first time to hear such phrase and perhaps those are the people who do not get nervous when taking examinations. And probably being confident and being optimistic is the key to be a master test taker. Of course one will … Continue Reading

Practical Tips Before Taking Examination


The first and foremost tip to do before taking an examination is to have a good night sleep a night before the actual day of your test. And avoid waking up late so that you will have a time to take a shower and to eat a breakfast. Your breakfast choice should not be heavy … Continue Reading

Free Online Memorizable Tables


If you love studying using customizable or online flash cards, then you may also want to try Memorizable. This is an efficient online tool which works just like flashcards that can help you prepare and review for your exam. With Memorizable, you can add, edit or create and save an entirely new table to memorize … Continue Reading

Test Prep By SparkNotes


SparkNotes has a really great section that is devoted in SAT and ACT tests. And you know what? All the resources you will find from their site are absolutely free! All you need to do is register to enjoy all the privileges. The site is giving away free sample tests that allow students to practice … Continue Reading