Examination Tips


Get Hint From Your Previous Examinations

Your previous examinations can actually help you assess your forthcoming tests because professors in general are consistent on how they prepare their test questions especially if they are the type who tends to give quizzes or test often. So to get a hint on what your upcoming test from a particular professor will be, look … Continue Reading


Reducing Examination Anxiety

There are several students who are anxious or nervous whenever they take exams and because they are fearful, these students often got unimpressive test results. But there are ways to reduce test anxieties, all you need to do is prepare and anticipate the forthcoming examinations. Tell yourself that an examination is just a way of … Continue Reading


The Importance of Having A Study Plan

Having a study plan is very important because this will help you achieve your desired goals with respect to your studies. It also helps you to get through your exams without worrying of getting a failing grades. Remember planning is an essential to succeed in all fields of activities. In the absence of this nothing … Continue Reading


Helpful Tips During Examinations


Examinations are among the scariest tests for many students but not when you prepare and study your lesson well. In my school days I manage to pass many of my exams because I make it a point to attend the class everyday. I listen attentively to the lectures and make sure that I take down … Continue Reading