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Get Hint From Your Previous Examinations

Your previous examinations can actually help you assess your forthcoming tests because professors in general are consistent on how they prepare their test questions especially if they are the type who tends to give quizzes or test often.

So to get a hint on what your upcoming test from a particular professor will be, look over your previous exam on that subject and check the corresponding lectures, notes or homework that the professor gave you during that period.

You can now verify whether your professor get his test questions from the actual lectures, reference books or from the home works given to your class. Then, investigate what kind of test questions that your professors are using. If your professor gave factual questions, you should focus on studying the places, names or dates of the subject. Then,read and concentrate more on the theory and terms if your professor seems to gave test questions about application.

Reducing Examination Anxiety

There are several students who are anxious or nervous whenever they take exams and because they are fearful, these students often got unimpressive test results. But there are ways to reduce test anxieties, all you need to do is prepare and anticipate the forthcoming examinations.

Tell yourself that an examination is just a way of verifying what you have learned and to validate if you retain the concepts that are taught by your professors or instructors. So the key is to review and read back the lectures that you have discussed prior to the test. Professors usually give pointers and scope of the upcoming examinations to help their students prepare and perform better. And if you listened to your previous lecture, you are almost sure that you could pass your examinations.

Refrain from talking with your classmates or schoolmates who were not able to prepare for the exams because they will only impart negative feelings or pessimism. Sleep early and think of pleasant thoughts the day before your exams. Eat just right before the exam: never overeat or take too much sugar or too much caffeine because these may aggravate anxiety.

The Importance of Having A Study Plan

Having a study plan is very important because this will help you achieve your desired goals with respect to your studies. It also helps you to get through your exams without worrying of getting a failing grades. Remember planning is an essential to succeed in all fields of activities. In the absence of this nothing can be accomplished.

During my school days I always wanted to excel in recitation. To achieve this I make it a point to read ahead of the lessons so I can always make sure I won’t be left out. So I prepare a study plan after each and every class so instead of going home immediately I spend at least two hours in the library. Hence everyday of my class is an outstanding performance. No wonder that I impressed my professors and win the respect of my classmates.
Having study plan also help me to get high scores on all my examinations. The reason is I don’t cram I just study on time and when examination comes it just flow like a river. Hence makes me answer perfectly all the questions. Studying can be fun if you have a determination and goals to achieve but of course to make it work for you the way it works for me you must make your own study plan and comply with it.

Helpful Tips During Examinations

Examinations are among the scariest tests for many students but not when you prepare and study your lesson well. In my school days I manage to pass many of my exams because I make it a point to attend the class everyday. I listen attentively to the lectures and make sure that I take down important notes and highlights of the lesson

It is also important to study in advance before attending to your class. In that way you can follow the lectures. Doing so will also help you to store knowledge and have quick understanding. Once the examination comes you will be amazed with the continuous flowing of what you have studied. It will come out the way you have learned it.

During the examination week I also make it a point to sleep and wake up early so I can prepare my things without rushing. I do this as recommended by my teachers and professors. According to them getting a good sleep will give you a healthy mind. I also see to it that I come early to the test schedule.

And while taking the exams I see to it that I read and understand the instructions as well as the questions. Then as soon as I am done and have some more time, I always review my answers before passing my paper. In that manner it helps me to see some possible errors I may have overlooked.