Studying in Malta? Benefits of choosing Malta

Malta. Is it as good as England, Australia or New Zealand in English language teaching? As a teacher from England I have had first-hand experience with English language teaching in England. It is difficult to compare the beautiful weather, varied cuisine and relaxed atmosphere to England. England is great for some things but trust me, … Continue Reading

online classes

Study Tips for Online Classes

In today’s busy world many people have chosen to continue their education via online programs and degrees. These classes allow you the freedom to study at your own time and at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Online classes is a great way for anyone to earn a degree who may be … Continue Reading


Cool New Site To Watch For By College Students

I stumbled upon another new site for college students that is soon to be launched and will become sort of a buy and sell community that will specializes in stuff for college. And of course, the website is said to be helpful for incoming college students because you can also search for college or universities according to … Continue Reading


Playing RPG Games Are Good For You


Playing RPG games are good for students or any other people in such a way that these games can develop our strategic thinking as well as our management skills. There have been some studies that teenagers who play online multiplayer games are benefiting from personal development that does not occur in the real world. And … Continue Reading

Find Out How Stressed Are You


Students are said to be stress prone because of they often feel pressured and obliged to finish a project or study for their exam the next day. But did you ever wonder how stressed you are or if you are really stressed? I have found a Stress Quiz that will help you determine the level … Continue Reading

Do Not Use Noisy Alarm Clock To Wake You Up


It is common for students especially those who sleep alone to use alarm clocks to wake them up in the morning but I just read that waking up abruptly by the sound of an alarm clock is an inherently unnatural thing to do because this will make you feel like crap. Hmm…sounds familiar because I … Continue Reading

Nourish Your Brain To Learn Better


Brain nourishment is as essential of nourishing our body and it always follows that a healthy body is likewise an indicator of healthy brain and of course, great grades at school. You will not be a smart person if you are deprived of good food.  And you will not excel in your class if your … Continue Reading

Eating Breakfast Is Good For You And To Your Learning Ability


Breakfast is the most important meal for the day and starting the day with a healthy breakfast can give you a sure energy for the rest of the day. This is why parents and teachers encourage us to eat breakfast. Breakfast need not to be a heavy meal, a glass of coffee or milk or … Continue Reading

What Is In A GPA?


GPA or Grade Point Average is important to all students because this is the system used to quantify or measure your overall performance as a student. This is the product or the outcome after the grades you obtained in all subject per semester or annually were converted from letters to numbers. Students with high GPA … Continue Reading

How Do Teachers Assess Your Participation


Teachers assess your class participation in many ways: the correctness of your answer; the manner how you deliver your answer; the relevance of your questions and your general attitude during class discussion. Teachers have guidelines and score guide to help them assess and grade your participation properly. I have cross upon a good guideline about … Continue Reading