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How To Think Like A Genius

Though you are not the know-all student or the top-notch student in the class, there are some techniques where you can think like Einstein or Aristotle especially when you are faced to solve a particular problem. The key is to be analytic and determined.

View the problem or situation in all perspective and think the opposites. Knowing the entire angle will make you visualize the situation better and prevents you from being one-sided. This will also allow you to formulate more than one possible solution or recommendation.

Work things out by trying the solution you have formulated. Don’t afraid to fail. Remember that even well known scientists made many mistakes before arriving to a perfect invention. Use the mistakes you incurred for the improvement of your succeeding projects. Never be disappointed instead, combine what you have learned from your mistakes to create a perfect solution.

The Significance Of Lectures

Lectures are valuable method to learn and understand a particular subject. These are the very essence why we attend classes regularly and why so schools have teachers. Listening to lectures is often considered as indispensable or crucial aspect of learning. Without lectures that are given by professors or teachers, it would be hard for us to grasp the concept of what we are studying.

Based on my experience, you will surely pass your course if you attentively pay attention to every lecture that you have especially if the lecturer is good and resourceful. And did you know that popular professors are those who are good lecturers? Professors are judged by their students according to their capacity to explain and expand the subject matter.

I was lucky to have professors who are very good in teaching because they gave us comprehensive lectures that help us understand the concept without the need of reading extensively. Lectures that are comprehensive and thorough are already great review materials. And remember, since lectures are the very essence of studying, you are always near the finish line if you mind your lectures seriously. Listening to lectures can actually shorten the time you need to study afterwards. So pay attention to your lectures and never miss classes.

Things To Consider When Joining Extra-Curricular Group

Student life is not complete when you do not have any extra-curricular group where you could share your time and talent because studying is not only to build your career but also to establish friendship and develop your social networking.

But of course, we need to think before joining a club as the group we link to ourselves should reflect the same interests and beliefs that we have. We should also choose the group that could help us to explore more opportunities and the one that will bring the best for us. Prefer extra-curricular groups that you will not only enjoy but will likewise give you good achievements which you could use in the future.

However, joining any extra-curricular group is also a commitment. You need to ask yourself if you could devote some of your time with them, share your knowledge, help them with their mission and if you would like to stick with them even after college days.

The 2003 Commencement Address of Harvard University mentioned some valuable insights about the importance of extra-curricular activities to the life of every student.

Success Tips For Student Leaders

Many students dream to be a student leader because student leaders are known as one of the most prominent names in the campus. Student leader often receive more privileges than the standard student but being one is not easy because if you are a student leader, people expect more from you.

Being a student leader requires responsibility, determination, perseverance and the ability to deal with fellow students with confidence. You need to be knowledgeable in everything you do because as a student leader, you are accountable to outcome of your doings.

To help you succeed more and perform better as a student leader, I want to share you the following tips that I read which are also applicable for the students who belong to a club or extra curricular groups:

  • Do what you do best.
  • Focus on a few things.
  • An event is not over until everything is put away and everyone is thanked.
  • Communicate in such a way that people do not just hear you, but in a way that they actually respond to what you’re saying.
  • If you do it all yourself, then you are not leading anyone.
    Integrity is not a personality trait.
  • Sometimes you meet your expectations, so keep them high.
  • Be on the lookout for someone to take your place.
  • Your greatest opportunities to lead may lie at the point of someone else’s frustration.
  • The ultimate failure is the failure to finish.

I got the above tips from Studentlinc and I really like all of them because they are not just a simple tips but a very insightful words that are useful in our daily living.

The Value Of Motivating Yourself To Study

Motivation is important in studying. If the student lacks motivation, he or she may not have good grades, will not perform well or worst; will not able to finish the course. But motivation is something that increases or decreases over time depending on the circumstances that we are in, especially when we are engage in a project or task that takes long time to be completed.

And for instances when our motivation decreases, we need to do help ourselves to keep them. Bear in mind that if we are not motivated in studying, completing our project, homework or the course itself is three to four times harder.

To revive your motivation or enthusiasm to study, ask yourself why you chose the degree you have. Pin point the advantages of your course and the qualifications that you could earn when you completed it.

Afterwards, create a list of short term realistic goals that you can accomplish one at a time and give yourself a reward for every goal you achieved. Remember that nobody could help you better than yourself. You alone can know what keeps you down and what will you going.

For tips on how to

College Studying Is Far Different From High School

I guess you too will agree that college studying is far different from high school in a sense that college students manage or take control most of their time than when they were in high school. High school teachers closely monitor their students; they always give advices whenever they see something unusual even if you are not asking for it. This made me remember my high school teacher who was very thoughtful that she frequently talked to me that I should go easy with my clubs because it might affect my class standing

But when you are already studying in the university, you will not receive any advice or comments unless you asked for it and you need to arrange for appointments to hear their advice. No professor will check you out after class. It is up to you whether you will study right after or study later. They will not give you words of encouragements the way your high school teachers did. You are generally responsible for making decisions that will affect your studying and future career.

More often, your interaction with your professor is just bounded in the classroom and it’s up to you what you will do after the class. And for this, it is really important for college students to be responsible and to know how to organise and manage their own study schedule. The success of your studies greatly relies upon your will and control.

LASSI Assessment

LASSI or Learning And Study Strategies Inventory assessment is a paid but comprehensive assessment about the students’ knowledge on the use of learning and study strategies associated to their specific skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning.

The focus of LASSI assessment is on both covert and overt thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that relate to successful learning and that can be altered through various educational interventions. I am not saying that this assessment is a must but if you are eager and serious to assess yourself as a student or if you are a parent who would like to discover the learning capabilities of your child, this could be a good way to find out the specific studying strengths and weaknesses of your child.

The assessment though offered for a fee is not that expensive because for only $3.25, you can have a basis for improving the student’s learning and studying strategies and a analytical assessment to help identify those areas in which students could benefit most from educational interventions.

The Importance of Having A Study Plan

Having a study plan is very important because this will help you achieve your desired goals with respect to your studies. It also helps you to get through your exams without worrying of getting a failing grades. Remember planning is an essential to succeed in all fields of activities. In the absence of this nothing can be accomplished.

During my school days I always wanted to excel in recitation. To achieve this I make it a point to read ahead of the lessons so I can always make sure I won’t be left out. So I prepare a study plan after each and every class so instead of going home immediately I spend at least two hours in the library. Hence everyday of my class is an outstanding performance. No wonder that I impressed my professors and win the respect of my classmates.
Having study plan also help me to get high scores on all my examinations. The reason is I don’t cram I just study on time and when examination comes it just flow like a river. Hence makes me answer perfectly all the questions. Studying can be fun if you have a determination and goals to achieve but of course to make it work for you the way it works for me you must make your own study plan and comply with it.

Handy Tips In Analyzing Essays

To analyze essay is a simple task if you know the rules to observe and you know what you are doing. So before you start analyzing the essay make sure you have a pencil so you can mark the important message the essay is telling you while reading it.

Then find the main idea of what the essay is all about. Never mind the details it will just take you longer. If you encounter unfamiliar words check their meaning if they form part of the keywords and if not, just skip them. Then try to read again the essay but this time you must read it slowly and warily so you can identify the authors point of view in creating the essay. It is also a great way to determine what the author is actually telling its reader and the message they want to say.

Once you get the main idea or what the essay is telling underline it and write theory in the border. In case you find numerous theory or insights, try to fit them in one main idea if they can be jive. Then you must also remember that it is important that you can answer why the author write the essay and to whom does they intent to be read. If you can follow these guidelines you will definitely come up with a good review.

Why Passive Studying Is Not Good

Passive studying merely involves purely reading your notes or reading just the text. Many says its quite not good and I agree because when I read my own notes I spend many hours understanding and thinking what I have just written. Basically because my own notes were written in the manner only me can read and worst sometimes I too could neither read them. So I end up wasting too much time on some part that I was unable to further my readings or even finish it in one sitting.

Another worst experience from adopting the passive studying methods is it makes me so sleepy. Hence I end up sleeping and waking up without retaining what I have read. This gives me trouble because I have to cram studying in the morning, skip my breakfast so I can get to school on time and fail to get an impressive test result.