Group Studying


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StudyUp – take your study notes online!

Have you heard of Neither had we until this past week. It turns out this cool new study tool allows you to store your study notes online. The site operates a lot like Facebook by allowing you to find school buddies and network with people taking similar classes. Even better, there are no fees … Continue Reading


How To Make Most Out Of Your Group Work

Aside from self-reliance, our school also wants to integrate the value of cooperation and teamwork among its students; hence, group projects are part of every course’s curriculum. There are very seldom courses or programs that do not require group projects; in fact even online degree studying involves some sort of group project or discussion. However, … Continue Reading


The Importance Of Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning adhere in the concept of more heads are better than one which is best seen in the group studying. But students can engage in cooperative learning even without forming a formal study group. Cooperative learning can be achieved even the grouping is just temporary and occur only during class hours. Remember the times … Continue Reading


Organizing Your Own Study Group


The easiest way to create and organize your own study group is to form a group with whom you share the same motivation and purpose. Students tend to choose the one that they are close too: their friends in class. However, it is not advisable to have your friends as your study buddies if your … Continue Reading

How To Have A Successful Study Group


There are times when studying with a group is unsuccessful. This happened when the group  members come unprepared or when the members treat their study group as a social group meet-ups. Bear in my that the study group session is not the time to mingle and talk about your personal activities but a time to … Continue Reading