Lectures & Note Taking


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Study Tips for Online Classes

In today’s busy world many people have chosen to continue their education via online programs and degrees. These classes allow you the freedom to study at your own time and at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Online classes is a great way for anyone to earn a degree who may be … Continue Reading


The Mapping Method Of Taking Notes

The Mapping Method of taking notes is the one I frequently use for taking down notes. This is the method of taking notes that works for me until now because it allows me to understand the lecture better and bridge the related ideas of the lectures. Mapping method makes use of graphical representation of the … Continue Reading


The Outlining Method Of Taking Notes

The outlining method is probably one of the easiest ways of taking down notes during lecture. It is the best approach when the lecturer present a very organize topic. Under the outlining method, students usually put the major points on the left side of the paper and then succeeding points or related facts are indented … Continue Reading


The Cornell Method Of Taking Notes


Just like reading, there is also several styles or methods of taking notes during lectures. One of the popular methods is the Cornel System. The Cornell method is designed to save time as this method does not require you to rewrite what you have written. This method is also known as the “Do it Right … Continue Reading

How To Maximize Your Learning Through Lectures


You can maximize your learning through lectures if you will do some preparation before it and make a follow-up after it. By doing this, I can guarantee you that you will not need to cram and panic before and during your exam. Even students need to prepare for lectures by knowing what is the topic … Continue Reading

The Significance Of Lectures


Lectures are valuable method to learn and understand a particular subject. These are the very essence why we attend classes regularly and why so schools have teachers. Listening to lectures is often considered as indispensable or crucial aspect of learning. Without lectures that are given by professors or teachers, it would be hard for us … Continue Reading