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Some Mental Focusing Techniques

Mental focus is something that we should learn if we want to finish a task with flying colors. If we want to excel in your grades or in a project, having good mental energy is really a great help. So how we can have good mental focus? How we can develop this skill? There are … Continue Reading


Fun Way To Help You Memorize

If you sometime find yourself unable to memorize something, why not try to sing it? I mean, you can replace the lyrics of any song with the terms or phrases you need to memorize. The song needs not to be complicated; it can be a simple rhyme, your favorite childhood song or an easy rap … Continue Reading


Cool Way To Help You Memorize Your Lessons

Do you find it hard memorizing the important terms and dates on your previous lectures or reviewers? Well, I just want to share a fun way to help you memorize your lessons: through singing. Yes, I read somewhere that when we sing, the right part of our brain is working and it is known that … Continue Reading


Forgetful Students Should Drink More Water


Are you a forgetful student? Do you often experience migraine and headaches? How about that sluggish feeling? If your answer is yes, then perhaps you just need to increase your water intake to revive your brain function. It is known that 85% of our brain tissue is water. Hence, water is a vital component for … Continue Reading

Studying Just A Day Before The Exam Is Bad


This is so true especially if you force your mind to absorb all the things that you need to review for your tomorrow’s exam. Why? Because a person typically forgets as much as 80% of what he or she learned within 24 hours and according to a research, memory retention is enhanced by sleep. And … Continue Reading

Nice Mnemonic Resource


I am looking on different ways to create mnemonics and I found this website that contains a lot of mnemonics that are surely useful for students like you! We all know the power of using mnemonics in helping people to remember and this website have a nice collection of mnemonics that are archived according to … Continue Reading

Do External Aids Really Improve Our Memory?


I bumped upon this short article about using external aids such as planner, diary, alarm clocks, and asking someone to remind us to help us remember better. And it is interesting to know that although these things really help us remember, many people believe that the use of external aids does not really improve our … Continue Reading

Free Online Memorizable Tables


If you love studying using customizable or online flash cards, then you may also want to try Memorizable. This is an efficient online tool which works just like flashcards that can help you prepare and review for your exam. With Memorizable, you can add, edit or create and save an entirely new table to memorize … Continue Reading

mental focus, brain

Omega 3 Is Good For Your Brain


Omega 3 oil is an essential fatty acid that is now being used as a brain booster by many individual aside from the fact that it is a popular supplement to maintain a health heart. Omega 3 oil is derived from fish, walnuts and flaxseed. Some researches say that Omega 3 is good for our … Continue Reading

Use Essential Oil To Boost Your Brain Power


Did you know that there were already several studies and researches saying that there are some essential oils can induce your brain power? Well known aroma that is said to have beneficial effect on our brain includes lemon, cypress, and peppermint. Smelling cotton dabbed with any one of these essential oils can energize your mind … Continue Reading