Memorizing Tips


Improve Your Vocabulary And Your Memory With Quizlet

Have you heard about Quizlet? This is a free online tool that is great for students and any individual who want to improve their vocabulary as well as their memory. With Quizlet, building a good vocabulary is easier and more fun because this is an interactive online tool that you can do anytime. You will … Continue Reading


Reading Aloud While Studying

Reading aloud is particularly beneficial for young children in building and developing their comprehension and reading capabilities. However, as the children are growing and advancing, reading aloud is being minimize little by little to pave way for other reading techniques. As children grow, they are taught to read and comprehend in silence. And besides, reading … Continue Reading


Coffee Or Tea As Studying Aid

Both coffee and tea have several scientific studies claiming that these drinks are good to our brain. And I think that these are true! I noticed that most people who are engage in planning, decision making, or people who formulate strategies are coffee or tea drinker! But the studies stated that one does not need … Continue Reading


Chunking Technique Helps You To Remember Faster


I stumbled upon this nice tip that gave an emphasis to the use of chucking to aid anybody in remembering series of numbers. And it is so true that memorizing series of number at once is very difficult. But by chucking those numbers in smaller parts, remembering them would be easier. Now I know the … Continue Reading

Tips To Prevent Brain Fade


Ever heard of the term brain fade? This happens when your mind suddenly thinks blank or black and that you totally forget what you have just studied. Brain fade is very common to people and does not only experienced by students because as we input new knowledge to our brain, it tends to put the … Continue Reading

Ginkgo Biloba As Memory Booster


Taking Ginkgo Biloba is probably one of the oldest and most popular supplements known to enhance memory. This supplement is particularly well known for college students and students who are enrolled in courses in medicine, law, engineering and other science based courses that entail lots of memorization activities. Many students who are taking series of … Continue Reading

chewing gum

Chewing Gum Can Improve Memory


Yes! Chewing gum can help to improve memory and enhance cognitive power. But to be more specific, it is not the gum that can actually improve our memory, but the act of continuous chewing or moving of our jaw. And gum of course induce the act of chewing, and can make chewing more fun! The … Continue Reading