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Improving Your Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skill is not learned overnight it requires consideration of certain factors that may influence the outcome of the results. To improve problem-solving skill one must analyze and determine what is the task assigned.

They can start by writing all the ideas they have in mind to make it happen. In addition to that, they must also verify precisely the things required to be indicated. Next is to set the priority in order to eliminate unnecessary things. One must focus on what should be done first in order to achieve the goals on time.

Strategy is also a big factor in improving problem-solving skills. Hence, one must chose the right strategies applicable to the problem. They may use previous studies related to the problem to see if they can be applied again or if they can give aid on what method to be used. Setting the goals and action plan will also help in developing the skills.

Monitoring the progress of the performance and giving evaluation are also necessary in order to improve problem-solving skills. This is to better understand if the metrics has been met and to generate other plans in line with the goals when the need arise.

Free Online Self-Assessment Screening For Anxiety & Depression

I came across the screening program that is provided for free by Cook Counseling Center – Virginia Tech. This free online assessment will screen students for depression, alcohol, eating disorders, and anxiety. This is an anonymous screening and is aimed to assist students aged 17 years old and above to determine whether professional consultation could be helpful to you.

At the end of each anonymous screening, students will receive an immediate result that can be printed and taken to a clinician for further evaluation or assessment. The provider of this free online assessment however is not a substitute for a complete evaluation, although taking the online assessment can help you learn if your symptoms are consistent with depression, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

So if you are frequently experiencing unusual sadness, anxiety, body aches, or restlessness, why not check this online and anonymous assessment? This may help you identify the cause of your worries or anxieties.

How Students Benefited From Identifying Important And Urgent Things To Do

Deciding which we should prioritize first is sometimes confusing just like when we have an important homework to do and an urgent club meeting to attend or you need to meet an important person but you have an urgent project to finish. Instances like these give us headache as we do not know what we should do first.

But did you know that you can actually make decision easier if you analyze them according to their importance and urgency? Urgent things are those that have to be attended or deal with as soon as possible. While important things need to be addressed at some period of time as important things are not always urgent.

For example, it is important for you to organize a group for your upcoming Science Fair but you also have an urgent homework that you need to pass two days from now. So, what will be your decision? Practically speaking, you should do what needs to be done first. It should be the event that have an immediate deadline.

And to make it even easier to decide which needs to be done first, try Message in a Bottle Exercise to help yourself determine what should be put on the top portion of your To Do List.

Free Concept Mapping Software

I just found a mapping software that you can install right on your computer for free. This concept mapping software is called the CmapTools program. This is a free software that can be use and explore by anybody. CmapTools allows users to create, navigate and criticize models which are represented as concept maps.

So if you are not so familiar with concept mapping but wanted to explore the benefits of using concept mapping, this is a good starting point to explore the ideas of concept mapping. The CmapTools has many features; you can share them through the Internet and also allows you to search the web for details that are relevant to a concept map.

Concept Mapping

Concept mapping is one important tool that will greatly help you as a student and even after you graduated. Just like developing critical thinking, the ability to create concept map is a skill you can use throughout your life. If you are familiar with or are using the mapping method of taking notes, then it will be easier to you to use this tool. Concept mapping is also known as mind mapping or mind maps.

Concept map can be as simple as putting the main issue or most important term at the center and surrpunding it by related terms/issues that affect the major issue on the center.

But the most concept map usually involves the use of a diagram that implies the relationship between each concept. A concept map includes ideas or terms that are enclosed in circles or boxes and are connected by a line to show relationships between them.

Concept mapping is particularly valuable during brainstorming and working a research project and even in decision making. Start using concept mapping and you will surely reap the advantages of this concept as a good study and project making tool.

Critical Thinking And Studying

Critical thinking is important for students to develop as early as possible. Critical thinking is the ability to solve problems and to identify the key points or significant aspect of every subject or situation. It is also involves the ability to generate more than one possible ways or approach to solve a problem or scenario. Critical thinking is one of the skills that we can use not only as a student but also as a professional. Studying and accomplishing projects are way easier if students understand and know how to use critical thinking.

Critical thinking is also defined as the systematic and analytic reasoning. In short, it is the person’s ability to analyze things and to come up with logical solution.  However, not all students are good in critical thinking but the good thing about critical thinking is that everybody can learn how to do it.

There are techniques and process how to develop critical thinking ability. The first and most basic technique is to identify the problem. You need to recognize the underlying problem, what do you need to solve or what are the things that are needed to be done. Then, you need to gather the necessary information to solve the problem by collecting data. This is where you start looking for the solution.

After identifying the problem and gathering the information about it, you are now ready to evaluate and analyze the data or information that can be use to solve the problem or to finish the project. Analyzing the data whether it is relevant and useable is important to come up with the effective solutions.  Identify the implications or possible effects of the approaches or solutions that you developed. Then afterwards, you can now choose the most workable, practical and effective solution.

This is just the basic process of critical thinking. Read here for more information on how to develop and explore the ideas of critical thinking.