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Using Dining Table And Chair For Studying

Ever wonder why we easily get tired when we are reading or studying? Why we often get neck pain and back aches when we continuously read for about 2-4 hours? Well, one big factor that might cause those inconveniences is the study table and the chair that we are using.

It is not uncommon that our study table is too low or our chair is too high if we bought them separately or we just use the ordinary stool that is available in our house. I have a study table in my bedroom but I do not like to study or read my books there because the desk is too low and it makes my neck to be strained afterwards.

What I do is to study on our dining table. The height of our dining table is just right and the upholstery of our dining chair is comfy. The back rest is quite good too that it prevents me to slouch.  When I am using our dining table to study, I am really comfortable and I do not feel sleepy or tired.

So I suggest to try studying or reading your books at the dining table and if you don’t feel any strain afterwards, perhaps, you could buy a study table and chair or if its possible, repair your existing study table with the height similar to your dining table.

How To Boost Your Reading Comprehension

Reading a book or studying a lesson sometimes takes so long because of poor comprehension. But did you know that there are some guidelines to improve your comprehension or to boost your understanding of what you are reading?

First, you should set your purpose in reading a particular material. Ask yourself what you want to know in that particular book or article. You may also create a set of questions that will help you understand the concept of what you are reading. Then, highlight or note the answers to your questions as you spot them while you are in the course of reading.

Second, never hesitate to consult a dictionary every time you came across unfamiliar words or terms. Understanding the terms or the meaning these words will not only enrich your vocabulary but also hasten your mind to grasp the essence of the book. Remember these guidelines and your comprehension will surely improve!

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Free Web-Based Speed Reading Application

Speed reading is valuable especially if you just want to get the essence or the most important idea of what you are reading. We do not really need to spend long time just to read the entire story if we know how to read with speed. And I just found Spreeder which is a nice website where you can practice speed reading for free.

Spreeder is a web-based application that could train you to read with speed. All you need to do is to paste the paragraph that you want to read onto the panel then click the play button and presto! It will automatically chunk the words for you. You can adjust the setting of the panel to your desired speed so that you can read at your own pace initially. Then if you are used to it, you can change the setting again for faster speed reading. Try it and you will be amazed how it can help you read with speed.

Reading Aloud While Studying

Reading aloud is particularly beneficial for young children in building and developing their comprehension and reading capabilities. However, as the children are growing and advancing, reading aloud is being minimize little by little to pave way for other reading techniques. As children grow, they are taught to read and comprehend in silence. And besides, reading in silence is much faster that saying each words.

But did you know that reading aloud can be used as a technique while studying? Reading aloud can facilitate comprehension of unusual terms or phrases that you need to retain or memorize. In my case, I try to read aloud when I am confused with certain phrases and it is simply effective to me! And when you gets sleepy at the middle of your study session, reading aloud also do the trick in busting off sleepiness.

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Tips To Prevent Brain Fade

Ever heard of the term brain fade? This happens when your mind suddenly thinks blank or black and that you totally forget what you have just studied.

Brain fade is very common to people and does not only experienced by students because as we input new knowledge to our brain, it tends to put the new ones on top of the previous info. And as you place more information on top, the first info becomes older and less available to your immediate recall because your brain has set aside it.

Though brain fade is just normal, we can do something to avoid it or lessen the chance of experiencing it.   The technique is to review the past details of your lesson as you progress to new ones. For example, if you need to study three chapters, you should review or pass again the important part of the first chapter when you done studying the second chapter. Then after reading the third chapter, go back again to the second and then first chapter to retain all the significant terms.

Remember that you don’t need to read all the chapters again, all you need to do is a quick review and focus only on the terms or concepts that are important. By doing this, you are assured that you retained on your mind all the necessary information that you need.

How To Read Faster By Skimming

Skimming is a type of reading that will allow you to read quickly without compromising the essential information that you want to obtain. This is usually done when you are running out of time and you have to submit an important paper work. It can also be practice while reading your morning newspaper. Imagine by simply glancing the news you can easily tell what was really happen.

In skimming, you don’t have to read the text word by word unlike in your normal reading. The idea of using skimming is to easily get the main ideas of the reading materials you have. Skimming is also ideal if you are conducting research because this can help you to get the best and most useful data. Hence you can make your report more concise and informative.

To improve reading faster with skimming you may read the first and last paragraph. Pay attention to headings, titles and illustrations. This will help you to easily capture particular information because it does not require you full comprehension of the reading materials. Remember skimming is usually adopted when you want to search some place, dates, names, occasions or event.

Where And When To Use The Scanning Type Of Reading

The scanning type of reading can be very useful especially if the reading reference or material you have is a dictionary, an almanac, encyclopedia or a yearbook. This is because whenever we check this type of book we always have a keyword in mind that serve as guidelines in doing our search for the information.

Basically, this type of reading only requires movement of our eyes by scanning fast the pages where the keywords are located. Once you locate it, presto! you can go over it and get the information easily.

Another benefit of scanning technique is it allows you to minimize your reading activity which gives you more time to other important matter or activity you want to enjoy. So whenever you scan take note of how the author set the letters, numbers, words and steps. Pay attention also to italic and bold wordings as well as to font’s style, size and colour.

Doing so will save you time in finding the main ideas as well as the key words you are looking for. Remember reading is a good activity and it does not always require you to spend more time.

The Different Form of Reading

Reading for me does not mean going plainly through each words and text. There are certain forms of reading that helps me to make my reading time effectively. When I want to look for something and it requires me to do it immediately I apply the scanning reading form. This helps me to easily find what I’m looking for without reading the full page of the writings. But remember in doing this form you must know the names, topic or keywords you’re looking for.

On the other hand if I want to know whether the materials Im reading is useful on my research I do the skimming reading method. This form helps me to understand the general idea of the writings. It also helps me identify the significance of the wording. Hence it makes my reading time more efficient.

When I read for the purpose of learning new things I do the light reading technique. This allows me to read particular reading materials without rushing. In that manner I can fully absorbed my readings in a very comfortable manner. If you feel like doing this form of reading make sure you have enough time because it definitely eat big of your time.

Techniques in Reading Text Books

Students are often bored or gets tired easily when reading text books especially if we are asked to read several chapters. But there are actually some techniques to speed up reading long chapters of text books. The first technique is to have a quick look to the entire chapter by previewing what is the chapter all about.

Previewing a book chapter means scanning it by reading its introduction, all the headings, and the summary of the chapter. Scanning also means that you should take a look on the tables, pictures or graphs and all the captions. By doing this, you already have a general idea on what a particular chapter is all about.

After previewing the entire chapter, you should now prepare several questions like what, when, where, how, why or who. This will allow you to identify and understand the essence of the chapter. You can easily find the answer to your own question by looking at the headings. Write all the answers and pointers to your notes so that you have a ready reference during class discussion.

Doing this technique will surely minimize the need to read the entire chapter. And I particularly like using the scanning technique during my college days because I find it really fast to understand the entire chapter without actually reading the book word by word.

Is It Really Bad To Study In Bed?

I just asked myself that question when someone told me that it is not advisable to read or study in bed. Whew! Is this really true? I am really puzzled because I always study in my bed. My bed is one of my favourite studying spots and of course, afterwards, I really feel sleepy…

I browsed the net to check out the truth about studying in bed and I found a lot of websites stating that reading and studying in bed is not really recommended. They said that our body tend to be too relaxed to absorb anything well. This is because we associate bed in sleeping and our bed is the consistent place where we sleep at a consistent time. It is not the subject or the topic that tends us to feel sleepy, it is the place where we study. So stay out from your bed when you want to study efficiently and effectively.

Well then, thanks for my friend who unintentionally told me that bed is not a good place to study. But of course, that is for studying only, when you want to read to fall asleep, there is nothing wrong about it. I only wish that I realized this thing when I was still studying but anyway, now I know another technique on how to study effectively.