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Free Educational AudioBooks At LearnOutLoud

Audiobooks are not not only for people who want to listen novels, stories and podcasts because there are now hundreds of audiobooks which are meant for students. The topics are all educational and can be used as supplement for various courses. One of the audiobook sites that offer more than 500 educational titles as well … Continue Reading


Learn Foreign Language Through LingQ

There’s a new portal called LingQ that lets you learn various foreign languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Swedish. The aim of this program is to increase the vocabulary of its students so that they are comfortable and confident to speak their desired foreign language in any situation. LingQ … Continue Reading


Free Student Resources From Project Gutenberg

The Internet is now flooded with so many information and for students, it is somehow hard to know whether the particular information they gathered is official, valid, true or not. So it is really important to only search from trusted online resources. The Project Gutenberg is one of the most reliable educational eBook sources in … Continue Reading


World Digital Library, Soon To Be Launched


Students and lifelong learners from anywhere will soon have access to scholastic knowledge around the world as the World Digital Library will be launched this coming April 21, 2009.  This new portal will provide free access to rare books, maps, manuscripts, films and photographs from across the globe making it definitely easier for students to … Continue Reading

Learning Chinese Language The Easy Way


Students or any individual who want to learn the Chinese language may check out this Online Chinese Tools. This website provides free online resources to help you learn speaking and writing Chinese in the easiest way. It is composed of various tools that can assist you in both learning and using Chinese language. Among the … Continue Reading

Calculate Your Own Grades


Sometimes, there is an urge for us to track our grades so that we will have an idea how much effort we need to do in order to pass. By calculating our own grades, we can also formulate ways to make our grades higher. There is one cool software that can allow us to keep … Continue Reading

Babylon’s Dictionaries Now Free Online


Looking for a free but comprehensive online English dictionary that is also a language dictionary for German, French, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and other languages? Well, I guess you will be happy to know that there is one that offers all of these languages: the Babylon Dictionaries. Babylon Dictionaries provides look-up terms, expressions and phrases in … Continue Reading

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Free Online Illustrated Book In U.S. Constitution


Students who are studying a course in US Constitution will definitely like this online illustrated book in U.S. Constitution. This is provided for free by The Point 94.1, a classic rock radio station located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The free downloadable book is specifically titled as Adventure Tales of the Constitution of the United States. … Continue Reading

Check Out This Free Online Olympics Test


As the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China is about to end, teachers all around the world will surely ask their students something about the Olympics.  So why not prepare now by trying this free interactive Olympic Quiz Bowl Challenge? The Olympic Quiz Bowl Challenge is from the Connections Academy and loaded with trivia about this … Continue Reading

The English Club For People Who Want To Learn and Improve Their English Skills


There is an online English Club ESL Learning Centre that welcomes students and anybody who want to learn English or improve their English proficiency. This online English center is free and provides a great resource in all aspects of English. It has interactive sections such as ESL Forums, ESL Quizzes and ESL Games that are … Continue Reading