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StudyUp – take your study notes online!

Have you heard of Neither had we until this past week. It turns out this cool new study tool allows you to store your study notes online. The site operates a lot like Facebook by allowing you to find school buddies and network with people taking similar classes. Even better, there are no fees just like Facebook; so none of this “Upgrade to a Gold Account” mumbo jumbo. Signing up to StudyUp is about as easy as it gets; just 3 basic fields and you are off to the races!

The add notes feature is super easy to use, allowing you to type your notes directly in for practice leading up to tests and exams, or cut and paste from existing note pages you may already have in electronic format. What happens next is the really interesting part.

As you add more notes to the system, StudyUp begins to find correlations between your pages of notes, and begins building a neat Wikipedia style database of your notes, automatically building hyperlinks within the body of your notes linking to other relevant pages. You can also easily search your notes by subject, course, school year, professor and more.

You can follow your study buddies as they add new notes using the StudyUp Home Base. Another neat feature is the ability to share only certain subjects or school years with certain people. So your math buddy does not get to see your science notes if you choose to set it up that way.

There is also a study tips section for helpful hints posted by other students and teachers that are members. What StudyUp really does is keep a free online history of all the courses & classes you have ever taken. Never again worry about digging up last year’s notes to help you solve a current problem. StudyUp keeps it all organized and online for free. Access your notes from anywhere from any device. We give these guys 2 thumbs up!

Free Educational AudioBooks At LearnOutLoud

Audiobooks are not not only for people who want to listen novels, stories and podcasts because there are now hundreds of audiobooks which are meant for students. The topics are all educational and can be used as supplement for various courses.

One of the audiobook sites that offer more than 500 educational titles as well as numerous educational videos is the LearnOutLoud. The good things about it is that the educational audiobooks are offered for free!

The topics that are available includes language, speeches, literature, poetry, American history, ethics, political philosophy and economics. There are also lots of audiobooks about science and technology, religion and spirituality, social sciences and even in medicine. The database even have audio books from some of the greatest authors in self development, business, and contemporary issues.

Students may download the educational audiobooks in digital formats such as MP3 while most video titles can be watched by streaming. So if you need additional resource for your research or lectures, feel free to browse the free educational audiobooks at LearnOutLoud.

Learn Foreign Language Through LingQ

There’s a new portal called LingQ that lets you learn various foreign languages like English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Swedish. The aim of this program is to increase the vocabulary of its students so that they are comfortable and confident to speak their desired foreign language in any situation.

LingQ offers free service that features unlimited lessons and 300 LingQs and because its platform is all online, people all over the world can study a new language at the comfort of their home or office. There are no scheduled lessons, no need to travel and best of all, you can opt to study for free!

At LingQ, one can comfortably download language lessons in their MP3 players or iPod. Students can also get help from a personal tutor, practice their pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, and even have their writings corrected.

Another good thing about LingQ is that students here are also part of a global language learning community. All members of LingQ can join live conversations or interact on their Forums and Blogs. There are plenty of opportunities to engage in meaningful communication and meet new friends.

So if you want to learn French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Swedish, check out the LingQ, the future of language learning.

Free Student Resources From Project Gutenberg

The Internet is now flooded with so many information and for students, it is somehow hard to know whether the particular information they gathered is official, valid, true or not. So it is really important to only search from trusted online resources.

The Project Gutenberg is one of the most reliable educational eBook sources in the internet that is free and can be accessed by students anywhere from the world. It is said to be the first and largest single collection of free electronic books or eBooks.

Project Gutenberg is founded by Michael Hart, the very same person who invented eBooks in 1971 and since then, he continues to inspire the creation of eBooks and related technologies for students and general public.

Project Gutenberg is has more than 28,000 free books in its Online Book Catalog and more than 100,000 titles from Project Gutenberg Partners, Affiliates and Resources. Searching for book title is so easy and with Project Gutenberg, students need not to pay for anything. They can search, download, and read the book for free at the comfort of their homes.

Aside from eBooks, Project Gutenberg also has the Sheet Music Project where you can access public domain sheet music such as those classic music composed by Brahms and Beethoven. So the next time you need to research a book of music sheet, feel free to use Project Gutenberg.

Read Anywhere And Anytime With Kindle

Have you ever heard about Kindle? Yes, this is the one developed by Amazon for reading various e-Books. If you are a type of student who loves reading a lot or if you have a literature subject that requires you to read long novels and literature, Kindle will surely make reading easier for you.

Kindle has bookmarking and highlighting system that you can use for note taking or for adding any input on the e-book you are reading. It also features a dictionary so whenever you are reading and didn’t understand a word, you do not need to grab a dictionary anymore.

Kindle also lets you email documents and PDF files conveniently and when you are traveling, these stuff is very easy to do when you have Kindle. You will not miss any school reading anymore if you had it as an e-book and store it in your Kindle.

But of course, you can’t just say goodbye to your paperback books yet because not all books are converted in Kindle and not all books are suited to be read through Kindle. When you are doing research or need to browse a lot of books, nothing beats the paperback reference book or using the internet.

Kindle is said to be best for reading novels and long stories but who knows? Time may come that Kindle  will have all the flexibilities to serve the needs of students when doing their home works and research works. But Kindle is not for plain reading, check out this article that revealed how you can use Kindle for GPS, wireless connectivity, playing music and many more.

Free Language Software

Students or any individual who want to learn foreign language at the comfort of their homes may try this website called Byki. Byki provides a downloadable language learning system which you can install for free.

This software promises a powerful and personalized language-learning system that is capable to teach more than 70 foreign languages such as Arabic, Czech, Danish, Tagalog or Filipino, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Russian, Hebrew, Scottish and many more.

Aside from the free Byki Express software that keep track of your progress and download thousands of extra words and phrases, Byki also offer a Deluxe version which offer  more content, more learning activities, and the ability to contribute to their online community.

But I think, the free software download of Byki is sure enough to teach you the foreign language that you wanted to learn. So check it out and try it for free!  You may download the Byki Express which comes with 15 free Byki lists in any language you choose. And if you download it more than once, you can even learn multiple languages.

Learning Chinese Language The Easy Way

Students or any individual who want to learn the Chinese language may check out this Online Chinese Tools. This website provides free online resources to help you learn speaking and writing Chinese in the easiest way. It is composed of various tools that can assist you in both learning and using Chinese language.

Among the available online tools are the Chinese Text Annotator that is used to break a text into words and add links to dictionary entries; and the Chinese Flashcards that features different Chinese characters telling you their pinyin romanization, English definition, total number of strokes, and their Cantonese pronunciation in the Yale system.

This Chinese online tools website likewise has a Chinese-English Dictionary, Chinese Reading Assistant, and resources to help students learn to draw the Chinese Characters.

The website even has the capability to repair corrupted Chinese emails back to its original Chinese format in cases when some email programs automatically alter Chinese texts. It can even teach you how to use an abacus and how to play the Chinese chess.

So whether you are a Chinese language student or just want to understand few Chinese characters, this site is definitely worth trying. And don’t forget that all of these Chinese tools are offered for free!

Calculate Your Own Grades

Sometimes, there is an urge for us to track our grades so that we will have an idea how much effort we need to do in order to pass. By calculating our own grades, we can also formulate ways to make our grades higher.

There is one cool software that can allow us to keep track of our grades:  the GradeGrabber. This software is just a small program (87 KB size) that is capable of calculating overall subject scores, taking into account the weighting of each piece of work.

The GradeGrabber can also compute scores using the High School grading system (A,B,C etc), the University grading system (HD, D, Credit etc.) or in a Pass/ Fail system as used in TAFE (the college system in South Australia).

This software is absolutely free and can be downloaded here.

Speed Reading Checker

Did you ever wonder how fast reader you are ? Or how many words you can read per minute?  Stop wondering because now, you can finally find out your wpm through this ReadingSoft website.

To start calculating your words-per-minute, simply click the START button and then proceed reading the text that you will see. Then after reading the entire text, click the FINISH button to see the results. Your result will be interpreted as follows:

100 wpm = Not so good
200 wpm = Average reader
300 wpm = Good
500 wpm = Very good
700 wpm = Excellent

So there you are, the result may now possibly help you to assess how much time you will be needing to thoroughly read a particular essay, article or novel. But according to different researches, we usually read 25% slower in a computer screen than from a piece of paper. And this is another tip for us, because if we need to finish faster, now we know that we can finish reading faster if we have the material printed.

Babylon’s Dictionaries Now Free Online

Looking for a free but comprehensive online English dictionary that is also a language dictionary for German, French, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and other languages? Well, I guess you will be happy to know that there is one that offers all of these languages: the Babylon Dictionaries.

Babylon Dictionaries provides look-up terms, expressions and phrases in specific field of interest such as Computers and Internet, Law, Medicine, Arts, Business, Finance, Government, Science and Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Idioms, Slang and many more. It also offers other dictionaries and glossaries by well-known publishers and organizations like the European Commission Glossary of Justice and home affairs and the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms.

So if you need to obtain the meaning, interpretations, definitions and translations of simple or difficult terms, check out the free resources at Babylon Dictionaries. They have more than 1400 dictionaries which is available in over than 75 languages.

You can also download the Babylon’s Dictionary & Translation Software for free! Just click here and you download it freely to enjoy translations and dictionary services directly from your favorite desktop applications, Word, or Outlook.