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Online Tool For Statistics Analysis

Studying became even better because of the internet. Nowadays, students can conduct a research with ease because of comprehensive reading materials that are available online. And now, statistics analysis can be done with in few minutes with a new technology in StatCrunch.

StatCrunch is an online tool by Pearson Education that assists students to explore the complex world of statistics by allowing them to perform complex statistical analysis. This tool is also ideal for teachers and statistics instructors because they can now easily check or assess their students’ works.

The web-based software at StatCrunch is a user-friendly program wherein students can simply type data directly or load text and Excel files from their computers in the application. Analyzing data is done through a number of different statistical routines. It can also generate interactive graphs and reports out of the data that the users’ input.

To access this online statistic tool, the student or teacher must be a registered user. Basic subscription is not free but it is very affordable even to students because one can already subscribe for 6 months at a cost only $5 or $8 for 12 months; and if you have been given a prepaid code, then your subscription is free.

As a subscriber, you can then upload data files from your computer, analyze them using the extensive list of numerical and graphical procedures in StatCrunch, export and save data analysis results, and report insights along with attached data sets and analysis results. You also have the option to share your data/report privately or share them in the world.

Free Online Illustrated Book In U.S. Constitution

Students who are studying a course in US Constitution will definitely like this online illustrated book in U.S. Constitution. This is provided for free by The Point 94.1, a classic rock radio station located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The free downloadable book is specifically titled as Adventure Tales of the Constitution of the United States. The book describes the Confederation Period, The Constitutional Convention, key documents such as the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, Anti-Federalist and Federalist writings and landmark Supreme Court decisions. It also features George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Jams Madison, Alexander Hamilton and other noble men in the greatest event in the history of human liberty.

The online illustrated book is written by Jody Potts, Ph.D., a historian at Southern Methodist University and an expert in left and right brain learning techniques.  This can be freely downloaded or distributed for educational purposes. So start learning the Constitution the easy way with this full color and vividly illustrated online textbook.

Free Literature Study Guides From CliffNotes

You read it right! The CliffsNotes Literature Guides are now available for free! Students will no longer find it hard to study traditional literature like  “Catcher in the Rye”, “Macbeth” and many others.

Aside from free literature guide, Cliffnotes also provides free tips on how to improve writing, practical tips on how to take the most comprehensive notes and several helpful articles / lesson tutorials in Math, Science, Foreign Language and Writing

So if you need help in Literature topics such as novel, drama, plays, philosophy, poetry, short stories and Shakespeare’s works, head on to the CliffsNotes Literature Guides. You can also access the Tools & Resources of Literature Guides that feature  Literary Terms & Poetry Glossary;  Grammar, Usage & Style Cheat Sheet; and  AP English Language and Composition Exam Format

Check Out This Free Online Olympics Test

As the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China is about to end, teachers all around the world will surely ask their students something about the Olympics.  So why not prepare now by trying this free interactive Olympic Quiz Bowl Challenge?

The Olympic Quiz Bowl Challenge is from the Connections Academy and loaded with trivia about this year’s hottest medal-grabbing athletic event and it will surely sharpen your mind about the facts and tidbits about the Olympics. You will even have a chance to win a medal if you answered enough questions correctly! So grab this opportunity to practice your Olympics know-how and impress your teacher.

Budget Calculator for Students

I found two online budget calculators that are specially designed for students who want to set their budgets:

By using these online budget calculators, allocating your monthly allowances will be easier and faster. And because this is an online tool, revising and formulating a good student budget are just few minutes away.

The English Club For People Who Want To Learn and Improve Their English Skills

There is an online English Club ESL Learning Centre that welcomes students and anybody who want to learn English or improve their English proficiency. This online English center is free and provides a great resource in all aspects of English. It has interactive sections such as ESL Forums, ESL Quizzes and ESL Games that are designed to make learning English a fun activity whether you are young student or an adult learner.

For students who are confused about English grammar check, there is a blog, forum and ESL Help to assist and help you.  The English Club ESL Learning Centre also has special pages about Business English, Young Learners and even materials for teachers who are teaching English. Check out this site and improve your prowess in English without any stress!

Save Your Data Through Evernote

I stumbled upon Evernote and I immediately thought of sharing this awesome tool here because I am sure it is quite helpful for students. Evernote lets you collect photos, web clippings and hand-written notes and store them in a centrally-located library which is accessible anytime you may need it.

It has a web version and you can also download its software so that you can access all your notes even when you are offline. But in my own opinion, the web version is already pretty good as it has all the functionalities of the said platform. What I found very interesting about Evernote is its text recognition capabilities that allow users to search even those handwritten text embedded in the photos.

Evernote works both in PC and Mac and also in iPhone. So whatever platform you are using, you can literally capture anything. And because Evernote provides you an Evernote email, you can immediately email anything from your mobile phone and access it later on the web.

For more information about the exciting features of Evernote and to get an invitation to sign-up for free, please click here.

Free Math & Reading Comprehension Tutoring From MINDsprinting

If you need to improve your Math and Reading skills or you need enrichment or remedial study materials about these subjects, try the MINDsprinting Math and Reading tutorial! This is absolutely free and is open to all kinds of students and adults who want to improve their level in Math or English.

MINDsprinting is similar to the concept of commercial leading after school enrichment programs which assess and address the students’ math and reading skills according to their level. However MINDsprinting will not require you to pay for anything. All you need is an internet connection and a printer and you can already access the time-tested and easy-to-understand worksheets of MINDsprinting.

These Math and Reading worksheets are all designed to instill higher order thinking through practice and not by memorization. The tailored tutorial plan of MINDsprinting aims to dynamically encourage both the cognitive and emotional development of the students by offering.

They offer a FREE interactive Assessment Test prior to starting a program in order to gauge the current level/skill of the student. For more information about the free tailored tutorial of MINDsprinting, please go to their FAQ Page.

Great Resource For Studying Humanities

Humanities is one of my favorite courses in college because it offers interesting topics about culture, language and literature. However, some students find it boring probably because it is similar to the study of History wherein we are bombarded with stuffs that we need to memorize.

But as we move from college to build our career this is when we will appreciate the ideas that our professor in Humanities taught us. So don’t hate Humanities, and better yet, check out this great resource in Humanities called the Perseus Digital Library Project.

Perseus Project is a digital library of resources that can help you in the study of the humanities.  It has an extensive collection of materials, textual and visual, on the Archaic and Classical Greek world as well as literary and historical collections ranging from the English Renaissance to the American Civil War.

This resource even has the Greek and Latin translation tool. Cool, isn’t it? So begin exploring the wonders of Humanities at Perseus Digital Library Project by clicking the Perseus Lookup Tool Page. To know more about this resource, please visit the  Perseus FAQ Section.

Free PowerPoint Tutorial From Sony

Aside from MS Word and MS Excel, another essential Microsoft program for many students is the Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is often utilized in preparing report presentations in the classroom and we all know that the better your presentation looks, the higher your overall grade will be.

Microsoft released Office 2007 and it means that PowerPoint 2007 offers more interesting and powerful features. So if you are interested to produce more attractive presentation, why not take a tutorial about it? I found out that the Backstage Learning Center of Sony offers free tutorial in Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007.  This tutorial will specifically teach students on how to create a new slide master. So check it out and equip yourself with new presentation skill!