Studying Tips


Doodling can Increase Your Concentration

Jackie Andrade, a psychologist and professor at the University of Plymouth in England said that doodling helps the student to enhance memory while listening to discussion rather than daydreaming.  This information was published by Applied Cognitive Psychology giving highlights that doodling is encouraged in aid of better recall as proven by the studies conducted by … Continue Reading


The ASPIRE Study System

Struggling to create a good study habit? I read about a catchy acronym that is actually a study system that students may adopt. It is ASPIRE, a study system that is easy to remember and very doable: A – Approach your studies with a positive attitude and you can do this by arranging your schedule … Continue Reading


Babylon’s Dictionaries Now Free Online

Looking for a free but comprehensive online English dictionary that is also a language dictionary for German, French, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and other languages? Well, I guess you will be happy to know that there is one that offers all of these languages: the Babylon Dictionaries. Babylon Dictionaries provides look-up terms, expressions and phrases in … Continue Reading

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Some Mental Focusing Techniques


Mental focus is something that we should learn if we want to finish a task with flying colors. If we want to excel in your grades or in a project, having good mental energy is really a great help. So how we can have good mental focus? How we can develop this skill? There are … Continue Reading

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Tips On Getting In The Mood To Study


Students sometimes don’t feel like studying simply because they are not in mood to study. This is a common problem among students because if they failed to review or do their homework, they will probably obtain low grade the following day in their class that can affect their final grades. So it is important for … Continue Reading

Study Skills: Inborn Or Acquired?


A person’s intelligence is said to be the raw brain power that one has. Yes, it is in genes but as human grows; his intelligence is affected by many factors: nutrition, parents’ support, education and perseverance. So basically, our intelligence is dictated by heredity, environment and other factors. How about the study skills? Is it … Continue Reading

Free Literature Study Guides From CliffNotes


You read it right! The CliffsNotes Literature Guides are now available for free! Students will no longer find it hard to study traditional literature like  “Catcher in the Rye”, “Macbeth” and many others. Aside from free literature guide, Cliffnotes also provides free tips on how to improve writing, practical tips on how to take the … Continue Reading

College Studying Tips From A 23 Year Old College Graduate


I stumbled upon this press release from PRWEB about the 3-minute secret of a guy who overcame his mental obstacles and successfully graduated in college. I also checked out his website but I didn’t bother to explore more because the site seems to be affiliate website or perhaps selling ebook about college studying. Anyway, I … Continue Reading

Suspecting That You Are An Obsessive-Compulsive Student?


Do you have some obsessions, compulsions or habits that you find difficult to control? Do you tend to do some thing in repetitive manner that somehow affects your concentration? If yes, you may be suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is said to be a medical disorder that causes repetitive and unpleasant obsessions or behaviors … Continue Reading

Anxiety And Studying


Anxiety is synonymous in worrying and being stressed in everyday life events such as in studies, work, family or personal problem. It is said to be a normal adaptive and protective biological reaction to stress.  Students frequently have anxiety that affects their academic performance especially during their examination. It is really difficult to pin point … Continue Reading