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LASSI Assessment

LASSI or Learning And Study Strategies Inventory assessment is a paid but comprehensive assessment about the students’ knowledge on the use of learning and study strategies associated to their specific skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning.

The focus of LASSI assessment is on both covert and overt thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that relate to successful learning and that can be altered through various educational interventions. I am not saying that this assessment is a must but if you are eager and serious to assess yourself as a student or if you are a parent who would like to discover the learning capabilities of your child, this could be a good way to find out the specific studying strengths and weaknesses of your child.

The assessment though offered for a fee is not that expensive because for only $3.25, you can have a basis for improving the student’s learning and studying strategies and a analytical assessment to help identify those areas in which students could benefit most from educational interventions.

What Does It Takes To Be An Active Learner

Active learning is generally the best method of studying because it is proven to be the most beneficial to students. Active learning also yields impressive grades to the students. But what does it takes to be an active learner? An active learner is one who always attends the class regularly and make sure that all assignments and projects are submitted and made on time. So if you want to excel in your class and get good grades you must be an active learner.

Most active learner usually pays attention to additional credits once it is offered, most of the time, they are willing to do the projects with extra credits. For this reason they always get additional points in their grades. They also tend to ask questions which help the class to be enlighten on difficult discussion or subject.

Active learner does not merely rely on classroom lectures. They have their own method of learning too and do extra research on subject which they find difficult. They also tend to ask questions to their educators with respect to grades, test results or comments on their paper work.

Being diligent is a nature among active learners. Whenever projects are assigned to them they carefully work on it. They also find ways to create the best project that will reflect their intellectual and creativity.

Different Methods of Memorizing

There are actually several methods of memorizing that we could use to remember effectively. But some of the methods I often use in memorizing is through the use of Acronym, Acrostic and Rhymes. Acronym is the method of creating combination of letters so you can easily recall certain enumerations. For example if you want to memorize the parts of computer make a list e.g. keyboard, mouse, monitor and CPU. To make an acronym from that, pick each first letter of the word and combine them so this will give you an acronym of KMMC.

My second favourite is the use of Acrostic which is the method of creating poem or sentence using the first letter as your guide. This is best used when you need to memorize numerous paragraphs. For example you have to memorize a five paragraph essay involving fruits that touches different idea like apple, grapes, orange, lemon and banana. To easily recall each paragraph try to pick the first letter of the main idea of each paragraph.

Lastly, I also use rhyme because it helps me to make memorization faster. Some also find it easier when they associated or correlate the ideas with pictures or stories. It gives quick recall of what they have just memorized. Hence makes the memorization process easier and fun. The secret to quick memorization is discipline and concentration so whenever you memorize make sure that you focus your attention.

How To Read Faster By Skimming

Skimming is a type of reading that will allow you to read quickly without compromising the essential information that you want to obtain. This is usually done when you are running out of time and you have to submit an important paper work. It can also be practice while reading your morning newspaper. Imagine by simply glancing the news you can easily tell what was really happen.

In skimming, you don’t have to read the text word by word unlike in your normal reading. The idea of using skimming is to easily get the main ideas of the reading materials you have. Skimming is also ideal if you are conducting research because this can help you to get the best and most useful data. Hence you can make your report more concise and informative.

To improve reading faster with skimming you may read the first and last paragraph. Pay attention to headings, titles and illustrations. This will help you to easily capture particular information because it does not require you full comprehension of the reading materials. Remember skimming is usually adopted when you want to search some place, dates, names, occasions or event.

Learning Strategies for Kinesthetic Learners

Adopting strategies to improve your learning skills is a great way to learn new things and ideas. Regardless of what degree options you are into or if you think you know all there is about studying, it’s always good to try new methods out. If you are kinesthetic learner this can be enhance by trying to develop regular schedule or habit of learning. This can be done by making a study plan so you can concentrate and build confidence.

It is also recommended to take part actively and perform things out. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes because from there you can learn more and prove a lot of things. All you need is the enthusiasm to try the things you want to learn and the rest will be easy though you find it hard at first.

Kinesthetic learners can also best develop in activities involving laboratories and field trips. Basically it is because the more you involve your senses the more you widen your knowledge. Take time also to write down what you have learned. If you want to highlight some points try using pictures and illustrations.

Having conversation with other kinesthetic learners will also give benefit because both of you has the same ability in learning. Hence you may learn some tips to make your learning more fun and at the same will allow you to improve your communication skills.

Learning strategies For Visual Learners

Being a visual learner means you easily understand and learn things through using pictures, different visual media, images and colour. You have the skills to correlate most images when you try to visualize them. To improve your learning, you must always concentrate on the learning purpose of your class. This can be done by meeting up with your educator to comprehend and adopt it.

Another things you may try to enhance your visual ability is by seeking a chance to employ new materials like utilizing visual sign and pointer. Never try the sequential steps. Remember as a visual learner you must always look for visual aspect of the topic because this will help you to easily understand the idea.

Most visual learner can also improve study habits by having the picture while studying the details. When you try remembering ideas just close your eyes so you can have better recall. This is because it gives you more time to picture out what you have learned before.

Learning methods for visual learner is quite simple but requires enthusiasm. Practice is also necessary so you can always apply what you have learned and associate them with new ideas or situation. Try also to be resourceful in looking for new visual materials when you have to study PowerPoint demonstration, media programs and the likes.

The Different Form of Reading

Reading for me does not mean going plainly through each words and text. There are certain forms of reading that helps me to make my reading time effectively. When I want to look for something and it requires me to do it immediately I apply the scanning reading form. This helps me to easily find what I’m looking for without reading the full page of the writings. But remember in doing this form you must know the names, topic or keywords you’re looking for.

On the other hand if I want to know whether the materials Im reading is useful on my research I do the skimming reading method. This form helps me to understand the general idea of the writings. It also helps me identify the significance of the wording. Hence it makes my reading time more efficient.

When I read for the purpose of learning new things I do the light reading technique. This allows me to read particular reading materials without rushing. In that manner I can fully absorbed my readings in a very comfortable manner. If you feel like doing this form of reading make sure you have enough time because it definitely eat big of your time.

Why Passive Studying Is Not Good

Passive studying merely involves purely reading your notes or reading just the text. Many says its quite not good and I agree because when I read my own notes I spend many hours understanding and thinking what I have just written. Basically because my own notes were written in the manner only me can read and worst sometimes I too could neither read them. So I end up wasting too much time on some part that I was unable to further my readings or even finish it in one sitting.

Another worst experience from adopting the passive studying methods is it makes me so sleepy. Hence I end up sleeping and waking up without retaining what I have read. This gives me trouble because I have to cram studying in the morning, skip my breakfast so I can get to school on time and fail to get an impressive test result.

Understanding Study Skills and Studying Techniques

Study skills are often interchanged with studying techniques because these two are really related. But to differentiate study skills and studying techniques, associate these two with cause and effect. Consider studying techniques as the cause and study skill as the effect of using the studying techniques.

Examples of study skills are good or retentive memory and fast reading. Study skills such as these two uses different techniques. A student needs to learn some techniques to develop a particular study skill. To develop a skill or to have a retentive memory, applying some techniques like remembering by associating or sounding should be used. And to develop the skill or ability to read faster, techniques like reading aloud or reading always should be applied.

The key to develop a study skill is to know the appropriate study techniques. Try asking your classmates or your friends for advice on how to develop the study skills that you want to have. They may have several techniques

Different Reading Styles

Reading styles are of different types. To be an effective and good reader you must be able to identify the reading style that suits your reason for readings. Most flexible readers adopt a reading style to make their readings both learning and entertaining.

One of the reading styles you can use in reading complicated article or writings is Study Reading method. This requires you to read carefully and slowly than the normal reading to get full comprehension of difficult areas. Reading aloud the materials is also a good way to help you recall and store the information.

On the other hand, if you want to expedite in obtaining the idea of the material you are reading you can use the Skimming method. This is useful when you have to read many reading materials in a short period of time.

But if your purpose is to only get a particular idea or information Scanning is the best reading style to adopt. Study Reading, Skimming and Scanning are all created to help you read wisely. Read now and try to follow these styles and see how it will help you.