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The pervasive footprints of English graduates

You may assume that a degree in English is simply aimed at budding writers, authors and English teachers. However, of those who invest in English courses, many go onto successfully working in a vast range of jobs as well-rounded individuals. From university professors to journalists, event managers to television presenters, and accountants to television producers … Continue Reading

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6 essential tips for effective writing

The power of the written word should not be underestimated. Clear, effective writing requires both practice and attention to detail. Here are some tips writers use to make sure they meet the needs of their readers. 1. Read before writing Any writer would do well to bear in mind the words of Esko Valtaoja: “You … Continue Reading


Some Rules for Effective Writing By George Orwell

The usage of effective language should be our major concern if we want to be heard. However, this is not so in politics. Some would tend to use vague or imprecise language so as not to offend various demographics. Fortunately, this is a condition that is discussed in the essay written by George Orwell in … Continue Reading


More Tips For Effective Note Taking During Lectures


Note taking  is a common activity to many students but doing it effectively is a skill that must be learned. To make effective note taking a student must do multi-tasking because during lectures they are required to listen attentively to understand what the lecturer is discussing. At the same time, they have to write note … Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Writing Skills


Writing skills  can be improved significantly by continuously practicing the skills doing some writing exercises. Enjoying the process of writing is also important because there is a need to invest time to write up things without rushing. Set a timeframe on how each deadline should be met. Loving your writing as a craft will make … Continue Reading

Here’s How To Repair Your Corrupted Office Documents


Have you ever experienced opening your MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint files and can not access them anymore? Well, I know how frustrating it is especially if the file contains important data about your existing school project or research work. These circumstances really happen once in a while and the reasons vary from … Continue Reading

Cool Aid For Your Typing Needs


Do you sometime need to type an entire book to create a new document that is in MS Word format but constrained in time to type all those pages? If you have a scanner, you can convert them into text document at a fraction of time by using the OCR or Optical Character Recognition software. … Continue Reading

Online Tool For Writing Papers


As I am browsing around, I found another online studying tool that students can use when they are researching and writing papers. The website is CiteULike, a free online tool to help you save and organize references that you will be suing on your research paper. By just several clicks, you can easily compile all … Continue Reading

Tips For Students Who Hate Writing


Writing a term paper, thesis or even an ordinary essay is probably the most hated work by many students. In fact, many of them say that they have this writer’s block. Why? Because they can not start writing a paragraph as they believe that they are not capable of writing a decent write-up. But based … Continue Reading

Free Online Resource For APA, MLA And Chicago Citations


Writing a thesis, a term paper or a research paper is not really an easy job for students. It entails hard work, patience and an eye for details especially when you are doing the final draft of your paper. Writing the final draft is probably the part that is hated by many students because of … Continue Reading