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Some Facts In Proofreading

Proofreading your own work is not an easy task. For students and writers, they surely know how hard it is to proofread their own work. That is why it is more advisable to have someone to proofread your work because it is easier to see the mistakes if the person who is checking the essay … Continue Reading


Select And Copy Vertical Text With Ease

It is sometimes hard for us to select, copy or modify vertically when we are working in a Word document especially when we are trying to modify or copy just one particular side of the document and the document or list your are trying to copy is not inside a table. For example: Boys       … Continue Reading


Free PDF Converter For Windows Users

Researches, term papers and any other documents after they were finalized are better to be saved in PDF to preserve their format. Documents in PDF files can not be altered and hence, you are assured that the document you send to anybody or about to be printed will remain the same. When you are using … Continue Reading

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The Paradigm Online Writing Assistant


Writing essays, short stories, research paper and especially thesis are among the things that are hated by college students. Some students are really dreaded to these class requirements because writing research or term paper entails time, effort and talent. However, writing should not really that hard if you know what to write and where to … Continue Reading

Assignment Calculator For Your Research Project


If you are always struggling on your schedule and you are having difficulty planning or managing a research paper or a term paper, why not try the Assignment Calculator of University of Minnesota? It is an online calculator that will help you set a definite schedule to complete your assignment or paper based on your … Continue Reading

Handy Tips In Analyzing Essays


To analyze essay is a simple task if you know the rules to observe and you know what you are doing. So before you start analyzing the essay make sure you have a pencil so you can mark the important message the essay is telling you while reading it. Then find the main idea of … Continue Reading

Taking Notes During Lecture


Taking notes during lectures are important because they serve as good reviewers when you need to get back to past lessons. Notes are likewise excellent materials for reviewing. And most of the times, the answers on the exams were discussed in your previous lectures. However, not all students are adept in notes taking because some … Continue Reading