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Some Facts In Proofreading

Proofreading your own work is not an easy task. For students and writers, they surely know how hard it is to proofread their own work. That is why it is more advisable to have someone to proofread your work because it is easier to see the mistakes if the person who is checking the essay or article is different from the author.

But of course, you can not always depend on somebody to proofread your work. The most basic technique for successful proofreading is to read very slowly. This is the skill that I myself need to develop because I always tend to read fast and so, I always overlook some misspelled words and few grammatical errors. All I can do to help myself to read slower is to read out loud.  I also read out loud when I can not understand the concept or essence of what I am reading.

I found a great inspiring article that can surely help us to accurately proofread our own writings. This article revealed that it is twice as hard to detect mistakes on your own. And it is really surprising to know that professional editors proofread up to ten times and publishing houses hire teams of readers to work in pairs, out loud. But despite of these, errors still occur sometimes. So it is not unusual to still have mistakes even after 2 to 3 times of editing.  All you need to do aside from reading slowly is to be patient so that you can go through and through your work until it is perfectly written.

Select And Copy Vertical Text With Ease

It is sometimes hard for us to select, copy or modify vertically when we are working in a Word document especially when we are trying to modify or copy just one particular side of the document and the document or list your are trying to copy is not inside a table. For example:

Boys                 Donation                 Girls               Donation
Andrew Martin     $10                     Lisa Bayle             $5
Greg Sandler       $5                       Shiela Nickens       $6
Bryan Hanks        $8                       Allyssa Hunt         $20
Alvin Amber         $20                     Myles  Lee            $10
Anthony Siegel     $10                     Anne Curtis          $10
George Cruise      $5                       Michelle Clancy       $5

Vertical text selection is just easy. To select the girls’ names on the above list, you need to hold down the Alt key on your keyboard. Holding the Alt key while dragging the mouse pointer to select the text will allow you to select vertically.

I just learned about this trick awhile ago and I am really glad because I can now modify or copy words vertically. This is actually great when you are working on a school project, editing a paper or simply copying a list. And if you want to select just a group of words which are located in different paragraphs, simply press the ctrl key while dragging the mouse after you selected the first group of words.

Free PDF Converter For Windows Users

Researches, term papers and any other documents after they were finalized are better to be saved in PDF to preserve their format. Documents in PDF files can not be altered and hence, you are assured that the document you send to anybody or about to be printed will remain the same.

When you are using Open Officentu, its word processor has a built-in PDF converter wherein you can automatically save the document you just made as PDF file. But now, I just found a free PDF converter that you can download and install on your Windows based computer. The free software is called doPDF5.0 PDF converter that can be installed as a virtual printer driver.

To convert your files into PDF files, all you have to do is to print your documents to the doPDF converter. Choosing the print option will allow you to save your current document into PDF file. The converted PDF file can now be open and viewed using the default PDF viewer. And since the doPDF converter is installed as a printer, you can convert any kind of document whether it is in Excel, PowerPoint, WordPad or NotePad.

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The Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Writing essays, short stories, research paper and especially thesis are among the things that are hated by college students. Some students are really dreaded to these class requirements because writing research or term paper entails time, effort and talent.

However, writing should not really that hard if you know what to write and where to look for resources. Writing is actually easier and more convenient nowadays because of Internet access. Almost all resources that you need are just few clicks away. And there are also a lot of writing tools online that can help you write your paper in no time.

One example of online writing tool is the Paradigm Online Writing Assistant that can guide you all throughout to help you create your essay and thesis. It has lot of information from planning, conceptualizing to working on your paper. So if you are hesitant on writing and do not know how and where to start, browse this site to help yourself out.

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Assignment Calculator For Your Research Project

If you are always struggling on your schedule and you are having difficulty planning or managing a research paper or a term paper, why not try the Assignment Calculator of University of Minnesota? It is an online calculator that will help you set a definite schedule to complete your assignment or paper based on your given time frame.

I have tried this online calculator and I was impressed to the schedule it generated for me. It gave me several steps to follow and the corresponding dates where I should do each of them. And I think that it would also be very useful when you have several research works to write. You can also request the online calculator to send you emails for reminders. Check it out!

Handy Tips In Analyzing Essays

To analyze essay is a simple task if you know the rules to observe and you know what you are doing. So before you start analyzing the essay make sure you have a pencil so you can mark the important message the essay is telling you while reading it.

Then find the main idea of what the essay is all about. Never mind the details it will just take you longer. If you encounter unfamiliar words check their meaning if they form part of the keywords and if not, just skip them. Then try to read again the essay but this time you must read it slowly and warily so you can identify the authors point of view in creating the essay. It is also a great way to determine what the author is actually telling its reader and the message they want to say.

Once you get the main idea or what the essay is telling underline it and write theory in the border. In case you find numerous theory or insights, try to fit them in one main idea if they can be jive. Then you must also remember that it is important that you can answer why the author write the essay and to whom does they intent to be read. If you can follow these guidelines you will definitely come up with a good review.

Taking Notes During Lecture

Taking notes during lectures are important because they serve as good reviewers when you need to get back to past lessons. Notes are likewise excellent materials for reviewing. And most of the times, the answers on the exams were discussed in your previous lectures.

However, not all students are adept in notes taking because some students can not concentrate on listening if they are writing. And I was one of those students who are not actually good in taking notes until I learned some techniques on how to efficiently take notes during class lectures.

Use bullets when taking notes, there is no need to write in sentences. Jot down only those terms or phrases that are important. You can identify the essential phrases when you hear those terms after the lecturer says “remember or bear in mind that…, the most significant…, therefore…, hence…”

Abbreviate the words when you are writing and use symbols that you can understand so that you can write quickly. Remember that speaking is faster than writing so you need to think of ways to take notes faster. If you are uncertain to the term that you heard, or did not fully understand it, just mark it with a question mark or a horizontal line. This will allow you to get back with it after class or ask the lecturer afterwards. Finally, take some time to compare notes with your classmates to check whether you got all the essential details of the lecture.