Chocolate For Improved Concentration

Did you know that eating or drinking chocolates especially dark chocolates have some good benefits on your brain? This is the result of the studies that was conducted by Professor Ian Macdonald of University of Nottingham.

According to the research, regular consumption of cocoa drink can improve blood flow to key areas of the brain in just a matter of two to three hours. This is possible because cocoa is rich in flavanols which is known to be a good stimulant to boost the production of endorphins that improve focus and concentration.

On the other hand, milk chocolates has been known to be capable of improving verbal and visual memory as well as to enhance impulse control and reaction time of your brain. So it is not true that chocolates can only make you fat and prone to pimples because sensible eating of chocolates or indulging in a cup of hot cocoa drink as you review or study can boost your brain performance.

1 thought on “Chocolate For Improved Concentration

  1. Rami

    Great write up, again!

    I was reviewing the various blogs written and have been doing tons of research on what foods provide the most flavonoids. It looks like chocolate (cacao) extract still exceeds that of any fruit of vegetable for actual flavonoid content. For people looking to control sugar intake, cocoa extract in a form of a supplement would be ideal without the sugar or the fat, typically associated with eating chocolate… even though we all love some good chocolate here and there!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts. thanks.

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