Coffee Or Tea As Studying Aid

Both coffee and tea have several scientific studies claiming that these drinks are good to our brain. And I think that these are true! I noticed that most people who are engage in planning, decision making, or people who formulate strategies are coffee or tea drinker!

But the studies stated that one does not need to be a coffee or tea addict to enjoy the memory boosting benefits of these drinks. Drinking 1 to 2 cups of coffee or 1 to 3 cups of prepared tea is enough to help you boost your memory. Neither coffee nor tea can make you intelligent but these drinks have properties that can boost your memory that facilitate better learning and optimize thinking.

I still remember my classmates from my graduate studies that bring a cup of coffee with them during our classes… I can really say that they are the one who are the most active and alert in our class discussion. And I remember one of them saying that a cup of coffee made her attentive.

It is actually the caffeine content of coffee that makes this possible. Caffeine in coffee was proven to improve short-term memory. It can also speed up reaction times by acting on the brain’s prefrontal cortex. And I just found out lately that coffee is has a good anti-oxidant properties.

On the other hand, tea drinker can also benefit with the same caffeine induced alertness because tea has also proven to aid in memory. Tea likewise contains caffeine. So if you don’t like the strong taste/aroma of coffee, tea is an excellent alert booster for you.

Coffee and tea are generally safe beverage but please do not take too much coffee or tea in a day because, we do not want to be dependent in any drink. Sipping a cup or two is already sufficient to boost you up!


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