College Studying Is Far Different From High School

I guess you too will agree that college studying is far different from high school in a sense that college students manage or take control most of their time than when they were in high school. High school teachers closely monitor their students; they always give advices whenever they see something unusual even if you are not asking for it. This made me remember my high school teacher who was very thoughtful that she frequently talked to me that I should go easy with my clubs because it might affect my class standing

But when you are already studying in the university, you will not receive any advice or comments unless you asked for it and you need to arrange for appointments to hear their advice. No professor will check you out after class. It is up to you whether you will study right after or study later. They will not give you words of encouragements the way your high school teachers did. You are generally responsible for making decisions that will affect your studying and future career.

More often, your interaction with your professor is just bounded in the classroom and it’s up to you what you will do after the class. And for this, it is really important for college students to be responsible and to know how to organise and manage their own study schedule. The success of your studies greatly relies upon your will and control.

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