Compublox As A Memory Enhancer

Have you heard of Compublox? This is a software that contains a series of mental exercises that is designed to improve concentration, memory and logical thinking. Compublox may be beneficial to students of all ages, business people and even retired citizens who want to improve their concentration and memory.

This computer program is designed to be used for 15 to 20 minutes a day to practice and help develop concentration as well as both short and long-term memory. The level of difficulty of Compublox can be adjusted according to the progress of the user so this memory tool can be used by both weak and strong learners.

Compublox is not a free software though because it costs $49. However, the distributor offers a guarantee that if the buyer is not completely satisfied with this software, he or she may return in within two weeks for a refund as long as the CD is still in saleable condition.

1 thought on “Compublox As A Memory Enhancer

  1. Trevor_Memory

    There are other ways in improving our memory too. Like eating the right nutrition (brain food). Some of these are:

    Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it prevents damage leading to different types of diseases.

    Vitamin B can improve our thinking ability.

    Vitamin E can help preserve brain function and protect nerve-cell degeneration. It is also one of the important antioxidants that our brain needs.

    Carbohydrates are good for the brain, because they contain Glucose which are known as the brain fuel. It gives off energy for us to concentrate, remember, learn, and other activities.

    Then there’s your protein. Amino acids are obtained from protein. Neurotransmitters need those amino acids to relay or become a messenger from one nerve cell to another. A high protein meal can make us feel energized because it increases the tyrosine levels of our brain and blood. Tyrosine and tryptophan are some of the different types of amino acids. And because tyrosine can make us become more energized, our brain can concentrate more.

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