Computing Your Study Hour Schedule

A friend shared the formula she is using to compute the time she needs to study per subject or course. According to her, she based the computation on the following:

  • 2 hours for every hour of easy course
  • 3 hours for every hour of average course
  • 4 hours for every hour of difficult course

The number of hours you will get from this computation will be for the entire one whole week. Also, it depends on you on how you will categorized the course because for some students, courses like history or humanities or psychology are easy while Algebra, Physics and the likes were difficult.

So, if history which is usually 3 credit hours is easy for you, the computed number of hours you need to devote to study the subject matter is just 6 hours weekly or approximately 1 hour per day. And for Physics course which is difficult, you will need to spend 12 hours a week or 2 hours daily studying.

She told me that in times when she has exams on difficult course, she is taking some hours that are devoted to study easier courses. Well, I find her formula pretty logical and is I think, this is really worth trying.

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