Concept Mapping

Concept mapping is one important tool that will greatly help you as a student and even after you graduated. Just like developing critical thinking, the ability to create concept map is a skill you can use throughout your life. If you are familiar with or are using the mapping method of taking notes, then it will be easier to you to use this tool. Concept mapping is also known as mind mapping or mind maps.

Concept map can be as simple as putting the main issue or most important term at the center and surrpunding it by related terms/issues that affect the major issue on the center.

But the most concept map usually involves the use of a diagram that implies the relationship between each concept. A concept map includes ideas or terms that are enclosed in circles or boxes and are connected by a line to show relationships between them.

Concept mapping is particularly valuable during brainstorming and working a research project and even in decision making. Start using concept mapping and you will surely reap the advantages of this concept as a good study and project making tool.

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