Do you sometime need to type an entire book to create a new document that is in MS Word format but constrained in time to type all those pages? If you have a scanner, you can convert them into text document at a fraction of time by using the OCR or Optical Character Recognition software.

Don’t worry, not all OCR software is expensive. In fact, there are several OCR softwares that are offered for free. One good and reliable example of free OCR software is the SimpleOCR. This is free software that is being used by many computer users around the world.

For students, SimpleOCR can surely help you a lot since this free software can recognize and convert many types of documents with standard fonts and good quality images such as those that are found in books and magazines.

So what are you waiting for? Download the free SimpleOCR freeware here.  You can also sign-up for free to gain access to demo downloads of the commercial OCR applications. This can give you extra privilege if you will need more comprehensive OCR software for your complicated texts once in a while.