Do you find it hard memorizing the important terms and dates on your previous lectures or reviewers? Well, I just want to share a fun way to help you memorize your lessons: through singing. Yes, I read somewhere that when we sing, the right part of our brain is working and it is known that the right brain is the one that recognize pattern.

This is the reason why it is easier for us to memorize the lyrics of a song than memorizing our dialogue in the school play. When we sing, it is easier for our brain to process the information that we are reading or memorizing. So the next time, you need to memorize important terms or dates, why take few minutes to fit them in your favorite song? I am sure you that you will also have fun doing this technique!

Also, try to check out this site for more fun brain experiments. You will find easy and yet effective way help you become good in memorization. To know more about right brain and left brain as well as to see whether you are right brain student or left brain student, visit this page.