Most students cram for their next day exam especially if it is their final examinations. This is so natural as many of us tend only to study hard if the exam is already fast approaching. But one way to reduce cramming is to listen in each lesson that you have in your day to day classes and read a bit about it at the end of each day. Doing this technique is effective because it helps your brain to absorb the information one by one.

Cramming is not actually a good habit because studying big chunk of info in a short span of time and pushing your brain to recall all of it is a hard work and gives you nothing but stress. Cramming also means that you will deprive yourself of a good night sleep which is necessary to give you enough energy and alertness the following day.

But if you read this just now and your exams is just few days away, it is recommended to stay away from taking too much caffeine and other stimulant drugs. A cup of coffee or tea is already good enough to bust your sluggishness. Excessive caffeine may just give you trouble absorbing the information that you need to digest and most of all, it can make you jumpy and difficult to fall sleep.

For more tips on cramming for your exam, check this out and I am sure that you will learn a lot from it.