Different Methods of Memorizing

There are actually several methods of memorizing that we could use to remember effectively. But some of the methods I often use in memorizing is through the use of Acronym, Acrostic and Rhymes. Acronym is the method of creating combination of letters so you can easily recall certain enumerations. For example if you want to memorize the parts of computer make a list e.g. keyboard, mouse, monitor and CPU. To make an acronym from that, pick each first letter of the word and combine them so this will give you an acronym of KMMC.

My second favourite is the use of Acrostic which is the method of creating poem or sentence using the first letter as your guide. This is best used when you need to memorize numerous paragraphs. For example you have to memorize a five paragraph essay involving fruits that touches different idea like apple, grapes, orange, lemon and banana. To easily recall each paragraph try to pick the first letter of the main idea of each paragraph.

Lastly, I also use rhyme because it helps me to make memorization faster. Some also find it easier when they associated or correlate the ideas with pictures or stories. It gives quick recall of what they have just memorized. Hence makes the memorization process easier and fun. The secret to quick memorization is discipline and concentration so whenever you memorize make sure that you focus your attention.

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