I bumped upon this short article about using external aids such as planner, diary, alarm clocks, and asking someone to remind us to help us remember better. And it is interesting to know that although these things really help us remember, many people believe that the use of external aids does not really improve our memory.

And yes, this is partly true because we can develop a tendency to rely on these things to remember important dates or appointments. And as a student, we often forget to do our homework or bring something that our professor told us if we did not write it down on our notes.

But of course, developing a habit of writing down in a planner or writing a list of what we should do is good because whether it does not really help us to improve our memory, it can help us to be more organize and confident that we can miss any important things. Keeping a planner or writing down notes also improves our efficiency and it helps us to be more organized.

However, we can help ourselves improve our memory if we will try to remember the things we should do or the homework that we should complete without looking at our notes first.  Let our mind work first and figure those things without reading your planner. Then, just verify later if you remember it right by checking your notes afterwards.