Do You Know How To Be A Master Test Taker?

The phrase “master test taker” caught my attention when I read this article. It’s my first time to hear such phrase and perhaps those are the people who do not get nervous when taking examinations. And probably being confident and being optimistic is the key to be a master test taker.

Of course one will never be confident if he or she did not prepare for exam. The write-up raises practical approach on test preparation and strategies to do during the actual examination. Some of the pointers mentioned that I really knew to be helpful is to arrive on time (if possible earlier). Coming up late is big no because your instructors will never ever adjust the time just to let you finish the test.

Coming up early will likewise allow you to choose your seat. Having a good and convenient seat allows you to concentrate on the exam. I remember that I prefer to choose a seat near the wall or corner because I do not want to have seatmates on both sides and I really avoid sitting on the center.

During exams, it is indeed important to read the instructions carefully and to follow them. A master test taker read instructions. I have a college classmate who failed in a major qualifying exam because he answered the test by just writing the letters and not the corresponding words which are being asked in the direction.

If the directions said that write big letters, follow it. Never answer by writing the small letters. Remember that some instructors used some tricks to test if the student really follows the direction. So, look for the fine prints.

And lastly, you need to be confident; but not too confident when taking exams. A master test taker never hurries. When you finish early, don’t grab it in by submitting your paper at once. Review your answers because sometimes we may overlook some of the questions. So to be safe, go through your paper again.

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