Jackie Andrade, a psychologist and professor at the University of Plymouth in England said that doodling helps the student to enhance memory while listening to discussion rather than daydreaming.  This information was published by Applied Cognitive Psychology giving highlights that doodling is encouraged in aid of better recall as proven by the studies conducted by Professor Andrade.

Doodling is defined as to scribble aimlessly when preoccupied. It is also known as the act of writing some design, figures or scribble drawn or written absent-mindedly. It was noted on series of studies that doodling is an indication of difficulty to focus in the absence of something visual. Hence, this stirs the mind of the expert to understand how it can help a student to divert their attention rather than wandering on unimportant matters

Experts said that doodling makes activity less boring which help them to concentrate more with the subject matter. They conducted series of observation to test how doodling can affect one’s behavior in a school setting environment.  Doodling is favored because it was proven that simple undertakings will help a person to better manage the primary task assigned.