Studying Smart & Extra-Curricular Activities As Early Scholarship Preparation

We encourage students to study smart so that they could have better career in the future. But sometimes, no matter how smart we are, it is hard for some of them to study in college because of financial restrictions. However, I noticed that many students do not bother to think about college scholarship until they are in the last quarter or last semester of their high school senior year.

Most often than not, the last semester is the only time when you will see students searching for scholarships, seeking references and advices for scholarship application.

But did you know that maintaining good grades, joining organizations and engaging in extra curricular activities also serve as early preparation for scholarship? And we all know that these things are very important in scholarship application. Your chances of getting financial awards significantly increase when you both perform in academics and extra curricular activities.

So see to it that you balance these things. Study smart and participate outside your class. Never under estimate the benefits of extra-curricular activities and helping your community or volunteering for good cause because these are your passport for winning scholarship and other financial grants. Engaging in these activities are not only fun but also rewarding and fulfilling.

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