Easy Way To Review And Prepare For Exam

Based on my experience, the easiest way for me to prepare for my upcoming examinations is to review by conducting a test-like questionnaire or a review material that has a question and answer format. This is faster and allows me to cover all the topics that are included in the exam. For me, this is significantly effective than merely reading through my notes and my textbooks.

And then, just now, I happen to see Easy Test Maker! This is a free online test generator that allows you to create your own tests. You can create matching, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, true or false and identification, or even combination of multiple choice and true or false test questionnaires.

And if you upgrade to its paid version, you can automatically generates alternate versions entirely randomized and master answer sheets all in one click. Plus, all your tests are properly stored for easy retrieval. You can also modify your previously created tests and print out extra copies.  But whether your membership is free or not, you can create unlimited number of tests! This is one great tool for both students and teachers. Check this out!

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