Audiobooks are not not only for people who want to listen novels, stories and podcasts because there are now hundreds of audiobooks which are meant for students. The topics are all educational and can be used as supplement for various courses.

One of the audiobook sites that offer more than 500 educational titles as well as numerous educational videos is the LearnOutLoud. The good things about it is that the educational audiobooks are offered for free!

The topics that are available includes language, speeches, literature, poetry, American history, ethics, political philosophy and economics. There are also lots of audiobooks about science and technology, religion and spirituality, social sciences and even in medicine. The database even have audio books from some of the greatest authors in self development, business, and contemporary issues.

Students may download the educational audiobooks in digital formats such as MP3 while most video titles can be watched by streaming. So if you need additional resource for your research or lectures, feel free to browse the free educational audiobooks at LearnOutLoud.