Students or any individual who want to learn foreign language at the comfort of their homes may try this website called Byki. Byki provides a downloadable language learning system which you can install for free.

This software promises a powerful and personalized language-learning system that is capable to teach more than 70 foreign languages such as Arabic, Czech, Danish, Tagalog or Filipino, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, Latin, Russian, Hebrew, Scottish and many more.

Aside from the free Byki Express software that keep track of your progress and download thousands of extra words and phrases, Byki also offer a Deluxe version which offer  more content, more learning activities, and the ability to contribute to their online community.

But I think, the free software download of Byki is sure enough to teach you the foreign language that you wanted to learn. So check it out and try it for free!  You may download the Byki Express which comes with 15 free Byki lists in any language you choose. And if you download it more than once, you can even learn multiple languages.