Free Math & Reading Comprehension Tutoring From MINDsprinting

If you need to improve your Math and Reading skills or you need enrichment or remedial study materials about these subjects, try the MINDsprinting Math and Reading tutorial! This is absolutely free and is open to all kinds of students and adults who want to improve their level in Math or English.

MINDsprinting is similar to the concept of commercial leading after school enrichment programs which assess and address the students’ math and reading skills according to their level. However MINDsprinting will not require you to pay for anything. All you need is an internet connection and a printer and you can already access the time-tested and easy-to-understand worksheets of MINDsprinting.

These Math and Reading worksheets are all designed to instill higher order thinking through practice and not by memorization. The tailored tutorial plan of MINDsprinting aims to dynamically encourage both the cognitive and emotional development of the students by offering.

They offer a FREE interactive Assessment Test prior to starting a program in order to gauge the current level/skill of the student. For more information about the free tailored tutorial of MINDsprinting, please go to their FAQ Page.

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