Free Math Software Program From Math Mechanixs

I came across Math Mechanix, and I found out that this is a good math website that offers free math software program with 2D and 3D graphing, calculus, function solving and many more cool math tools.

The software is very helpful for both college and high school students because the software can be used to type the mathematical expressions the same way as we would write them on the paper. It also features integrated variables and functions list window so that the user can easily follow his or her owned defined variables and functions.

The Math Mechanix is likewise equipped with fully functional scientific calculator which is great for students who would like to press buttons just like in real calculator. Another advantage of this free software is that it can be downloaded to your Windows based computer. Hence, you can use it even you are not connected to the internet.

To download the free Math Mechanix software, please click here.

Of interest: Most higher education institutions now require, as part of your education program, you engage in at least a small amount of mathematics, so the more you know the better.

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