Free Online Self-Assessment Screening For Anxiety & Depression

I came across the screening program that is provided for free by Cook Counseling Center – Virginia Tech. This free online assessment will screen students for depression, alcohol, eating disorders, and anxiety. This is an anonymous screening and is aimed to assist students aged 17 years old and above to determine whether professional consultation could be helpful to you.

At the end of each anonymous screening, students will receive an immediate result that can be printed and taken to a clinician for further evaluation or assessment. The provider of this free online assessment however is not a substitute for a complete evaluation, although taking the online assessment can help you learn if your symptoms are consistent with depression, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

So if you are frequently experiencing unusual sadness, anxiety, body aches, or restlessness, why not check this online and anonymous assessment? This may help you identify the cause of your worries or anxieties.

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