Free Online Spelling Bee For Young Learners

If you are looking for ways to sharpen the spelling skill of your kids or if you are a student who want to know your spelling skill, why not check out this Online Spelling Bee? This is a free tool that allows you to gauge you spelling level by joining a virtual spelling bee based on your grade level.

This online spelling bee is provided for FREE by, a company that specializes in children online learning. The program has exciting features that will help parents and teachers to provide a competitive learning environment for children.

It has a database of 35,000 grade appropriate spelling words wherein elementary & middle school students compete against their peers from around the world. The participants are being ranked and students who excel are featured in the weekly Top 5 Spellers.

The Online Spelling Bee is indeed a good alternative to encourage children to improve their spelling skills.  And because the program is interactive, the children will definitely enjoy playing it. Interested to try this free program? Check out the demo here.

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