Free PowerPoint Tutorial From Sony

Aside from MS Word and MS Excel, another essential Microsoft program for many students is the Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint is often utilized in preparing report presentations in the classroom and we all know that the better your presentation looks, the higher your overall grade will be.

Microsoft released Office 2007 and it means that PowerPoint 2007 offers more interesting and powerful features. So if you are interested to produce more attractive presentation, why not take a tutorial about it? I found out that the Backstage Learning Center of Sony offers free tutorial in Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007.  This tutorial will specifically teach students on how to create a new slide master. So check it out and equip yourself with new presentation skill!

1 thought on “Free PowerPoint Tutorial From Sony

  1. Jane

    I’m a big fan of using powerpoint with my presentations for work and at university, but i can’t stand it when I see others misuse such a great program by using bad slide transitions, too much text, bullet points, etc. Another really good page and book to refer to that will help you create effective, easy to look at powerpoint presentations is Presentation Zen.

    I’m half way through reading it and it’s brilliant. It will change the way you think about using powerpoint and presentations.

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