Ginkgo Biloba As Memory Booster

Taking Ginkgo Biloba is probably one of the oldest and most popular supplements known to enhance memory. This supplement is particularly well known for college students and students who are enrolled in courses in medicine, law, engineering and other science based courses that entail lots of memorization activities.

Many students who are taking series of exams like professional licensure tests are also opting to take Ginkgo Biloba. But is Ginko Biloba can really enhance memory? Is there any study that supports its claim?

Ginkgo Biloba has been used as memory enhancer for thousands of years and many researchers say that Ginkgo can help enhance our memory because it improves the blood circulation in our brain by dilating blood vessels and increasing the oxygen supply in our brain. Some studies implied that Gingko can also mop up harmful compounds that can damage our brain cells and it can be more than just a memory enhancer.

But recent researches done to assess the effectivity of Ginkgo said that Ginkgo supplements do nothing to quickly improve memory in healthy people, a pronouncement that goes in opposition to years of well-publicized claims that make this supplements a multimillion-dollar industry.

The tablet used in this study is the Pharmaton Natural Health Products’ Ginkoba which is currently marketed to be capable of producing noticeable benefits after just four weeks at 120 milligrams daily dose. Although the same study also implied that it can be possible that ginkgo would show some mental benefits in healthy people if taken more than six weeks.

With all these clouded issues that attest the real effectivity of Gingko as memory enhancers, and since that there is no harmful result of taking this supplement and that it has other potential benefits in our health, I personally think that you can give it a try if you are looking for a way to improve your memory especially if your colleagues attest that it works for them. Though bear in mind that the expected result can be achieved if the supplement is taken for more than one month.

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