Good Virtual Library For Students

It is true that not all students are good researchers and so, there are times when students who are not that good in researching ended up with incomplete or poorly researched homework. And with the explosion of advertisement all over the World Wide Web, many of us get nothing but a load of commercialized search engine results.

To avoid this, we should prioritize researching in educational search engines or virtual libraries. One good virtual library which yield results that are more academically useful and is searchable just like a typical search engine is the WWW Virtual Library (VL).

This is said to be the oldest catalogue of the Web that is initiated by Tim Berners-Lee, the same person who created HTML. This is run, updated and maintained by volunteers per subject area; hence, the quality of database is better and high quality.

WWW Virtual Library is also free and can be used by students under various courses of studies. And for students, using this virtual library is advantageous because you have the option to research by subject area.

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